Dr. Sebi Interview – Biochemistry of the human body and the healing journey

This is an amazing interview with Dr. Sebi about the biochemistry of the body, his healing journey, and the ways to heal the body from any dis-ease! It’s very insightful as Dr. Sebi breaks down the healing of disease using chemistry,  electric herbs and abstinence from starch, milk and meat…  🙂 InJoy! ~ Ria (Daria)




RockNewmanShow. (2015, October 23). Dr. Sebi on The Rock Newman Show. Retrieved from YouTube: https://youtu.be/Qx6_073GDkQ



Detox Juice Blend: Green Kale Ginger Juice

Are you listening to your body? What messages has it been revealing to you lately?  Are you seeing dark circles under your eyes or dryer skin, are you more fatigued than usual, is your mind clear or cloudy?

Listen to your body, it’s always communicating with you to follow ‘your’ plan of wellness protocol. You may not have to do any big movement other than reduce and replace some ‘bad’ habits with ‘better’ habits.

For instance, minimizing and reducing processed foods for whole-“really-real’- organic- non gmo foods, or adding herbal teas or tonics to cleanse and strengthen your organs! These steps to wellness directly effect your immunity to dis-ease of body, mind and spirit.  Add this juice to your Raw Juice Lyceum (library) Here is a little simple juice you can also blend (uhh blend if you dont mind the fiber and pulp!!) Other wise juice and get your fitness on! Happy New Year and Happy ImPowered YOU! ~ Ria Sweetraw Takharu, Your Wellness + Lifestyle Cheerleader!




1 stalk celery
2-4 kale leaves
1/2 – 1 green apple
a few sprigs of parsley leaves
1/2-1 whole lemon
1 pinch of organic  ginger root