Dr. Sebi Interview – Biochemistry of the human body and the healing journey

This is an amazing interview with Dr. Sebi about the biochemistry of the body, his healing journey, and the ways to heal the body from any dis-ease! It’s very insightful as Dr. Sebi breaks down the healing of disease using chemistry,  electric herbs and abstinence from starch, milk and meat…  🙂 InJoy! ~ Ria (Daria)




RockNewmanShow. (2015, October 23). Dr. Sebi on The Rock Newman Show. Retrieved from YouTube: https://youtu.be/Qx6_073GDkQ



gratitude givings ♥ #229

I am grateful for beautiful synchronicities
for signs
for laughter
for kinnection
for romance
for sexiness
for courage
for beautiful
and butterflies
this rain and thunder of shango and oya
the love of oshun and yemaya
for Ancestors
for mysterious melanin
for chlorophyll
and our radiance
for our fierce triumph
for eternal love

Day 229 (as the Rain falls, we Love)