Turkey Tail Mushroom, Cancer Cures and Paul Staments

Solutions are one of my favorite words! Why? They bring hope to what we perceive as ‘crisis’ ‘hopeless’ ‘toxic’ and transform that negative energy into action and resolution that benefit ‘all’.
If you’re still believing there are no cures for cancer and other diseases, its time you begin your real education in health and survival! (smile)  Are we still bound by the health industry against using the words “cure” and “cancer” in the same sentence?Today I saw Paul Stamets’ TED Talk shortly after viewing his Solutions From The Underground: How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World video. I cheered, clapped, and almost teared at his scientific solutions to recovering and bringing  balance to our toxic ecosystem. See for yourself!



AM Protein Shakes! ~ Make ’em Green!

Am Protein Shake :

organic apple and live greens,

green tea,

coconut milk,

mio whey protein (500 calories/4scoops),




Green Protein Shakes

Green Protein Shakes

Raw-liscious Recipes: Live Food Demo ~ Organic Collard Veggie Wraps

These actually went faster than the Thai Kale Salad which is surprising! I wanted so badly to taste one but I ran out of avocados hmm tonight will be a great night to remake them for myself! (smiling) oh yes and family, of course! ~ Injoy!

recipe_collard avocado_wrap

Recipes: Live Food Demo ~ Thai Kale Salad

As requested, my Thai Kale Salad. I will have to post or rather take better pics when the dishes are full not finished. (smiling)



Photos from Evans Farmer’s Market + Augusta’s Locally Grown Live Food Demo

It was so much fun and I had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people at the Augusta’s Locally Grown Farmer’s Market in Evans, Georgia yesterday. Everyone loved my  Thai Kale Salad and Collard Veggie Wraps! Here are some pics. I was asked to come back, open a restaurant, teach classes and create a recipe book!! Such great vibes~ Eat Well Family and have a Beautiful weekend!