Seeking Fitness in Nature – Fitness Vlog June 2018

How about Fitness in Nature?

Going for a lake swim preceded by yoga in the park? Sounds amazing right, that’s what I thought. I got dressed headed to Fredericksburg VA to a park I had visited last Indian Summer where everyone was either tubing, swimming or fishing in the Rappahannock River. I was excited with yoga mat packed and Speedo-goggles ready! When I got there however I was met with a half closed park gate, complete empty park, and what looked like an overflowing muddy river. I was heart broken and frustrated that perhaps I was in the wrong state or country. Then I thought about Sweden.

So Glam

When you are in Sweden you have the right to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on any land with the exception of private gardens, near a dwelling house or land under cultivation. We call it the Freedom to Roam.


I recently completed an International Business course and was blown away at my findings. First let me share, I’m a kind of bohemian indigenous artistic geek, I’m a Sagittarius who loves just about everything I can sink my teeth into physically and mentally,  i love research and learning. It doesn’t feel right if I cant research something, try it, then report about it.

I’d love to be able to go to a local park with speedo and googles and jump into a lake but living in America the thought of lake swimming in my location is damn near impossible for many reasons.

06-26-18_ClosedPark_Sign_OldMillsVA-NSGCopyrightWell one of my classmates was focusing their project on Sweden so me being me I responded with ‘some’ knowledge of not only business economic statistics and a few political views but dove into what makes Sweden, Sweden. What I found astounded me! For short, I’ve been a Nature lover since I was a child running through the forests learning all I could about berries and flowers to ingest and absorbing the beauty and serenity of trees and cloud watching. I developed a love with Nature and all her healing gems.  I’d love to be able to go to a local park with speedo and googles and jump into a lake but living in America the thought of lake swimming in my location is damn near impossible for many reasons. Uh, not the case in Sweden!

06-26-18_Feathers_Collage_OldMillsVA-NSGCopyright copy

Not only do Swedes have a “Right to Roam” with passports that open doors to them across countries and freely visit other nations without scrutiny, they have what is called “Right to Public Access” or ‘Allemansrätt’ (Outdoor Access Rights) which is a right to national parks and nature that would otherwise be forbidden or heavily limited. That’s right, Swedes can swim in public lakes, park lakes and rivers, roam mountains, and coastlines,  andarchipelagos! Learn more about Swedish EPA Right to Roam policies.


What a huge contrast to the policies and laws here in the United States, especially where I currently reside in Northern Virginia, but then I’m thinking I probably just need to travel. See what other American’s are doing, roam the parks, country sides, coastal regions, get a passport and hop across the country into jungles, hike foreign trails, seek refuge in sacred temples. Okay, Im dreaming and intending! (smile) Here’s to your adventures, fitness and fun! 

Stay Fit, stay Love, stay Empowered! 


Ria (Daria)


Fitness Vlog | June 27 2018



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A Gymnast is Born: Meet Allison Tellez

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing my niece, Allison Tellez, age 8, compete at The Royals Invitational at Stafford High School.


It was my first-ever live gymnast meet and to be honest, I’m rather hooked. I wish my kids were still young enough to learn and join in the fun. At the age of four Allison and her younger sister were proving to me that they could do every yoga asana I showed them. But this weekend it was Allison who asked me if I could do the Natarajasana, full splits and Padmasana! I was embarassingly sore from that morning’s body sculpting session and did a poor attempt at “Cosmic Dancer” leaving a cracking sound in the air which drew giggles and ridicule. Of course, a flexibility challenge has ensued where all 3 yogi poses will be accomplished by yours truly per our next gymnastics meet. (I better be ready, cause this cutie is brutal! lol)


nuevo-logo-instagram-180x180Full Floor Routine Video: Ria’s Instagram



Allison Tellez, age 8, Royals Gymnastics Team, Floor Routine, Saturday, February 25, 2017.Photo Credits: ©2017. Daria Smith Giraud, DwriteDesignStudio & Ria Takharu Media LLC.

Congrats to Allison who won 5 medals at the Royals Stafford Invitationals. Unfortunately, she refused to wear her 3rd, 4th and 5th place medals because according to her mother, Faja Tellez, “she’s used to winning 1st and 2nd place medals, this is rare!” I, however, thought she did a fantastic job representing her team, gymnastics school and family! Goo Allison!



Photo Credits: ©2017. Daria Smith Giraud, DwriteDesignStudio & Ria Takharu Media LLC.


Tuesday Motivation+Love!

Just a little soft push to remind you to build your ‘Team’ wisely
choose truly supportive progressive people who have your best interest at heart
mediate on sincerity, truth, courage, honesty, fortitude, confidence, victory, abundance!

And get to WORK on your dreams, your goals, your tasks, your fitness, your life!


Push YourSelf!


Have Confidence in YourSelf!



Self Trust is the Secret of Success!Famous-Confidence-Quotes-with-Images-Confident-Pictures-Photos-Self-trust-is-the-first-secret-of-success.-Ralph-Waldo-Emerson

And most of all Remember to be InLOVE with YourSelf (and Others)!

InLove  Ria



Day26 ♥ Arms on Fire! – Friday Fitness Motivation

Feeling Energized and Satisfied!

Aside from my Day 2 of 21 Day Fix Extreme, I’m on Day 26 of this Hero Journey and today is Burpees!!! I had some sets yesterday 30 seconds each set which nearly killed me. I was up at 4:30 am no alarm clock needed (today 4 am)  and ready to get this modified nutrition and fitness routine started. By the second set, I was drenched in sweat but pushing myself to completion.

Doing the 21 Day Fix regular version, I found myself doing 2 and 3 workouts consecutively, but the extreme version is pleasantly more challenging for me pushing me to my edge. Plus I’m doing “heavier weights” well, they’re only 10 lbs each arm. By next week, I plan to up those to increase intensity. I’m loving the nutrition modification because although I eat healthy my normal meal portions are manly-sized for my small frame. I eat like an athlete lol and this container modification pushes me to cut back considerably. Yeah!

Initially, I considered not overlapping these program, but when I tried my mom’s 21 Day Fix I was hooked! And loved how I felt after 2 – 30 minute routines. I feel obligated to complete the Hero’s Journey soooo let the soreness fall where it comes! lol Another 20-30 minutes wont hurt! 🙂


Feeling Energized and Satisfied! Yeah… 

Friday Fitness mMm-motivation

My arms(calves, biceps) are on fire, but I can not complain! I’m motivated  by the spirit of Khepra to transform this body of mine and inspired by so many who have done it already! It’s really just a metaphor for transforming, and being sovereign in one’s life. I think all the while I was seeking the lesson of “Self Motivation,” of “Self Perseverance!”  I even visualize my dreams while dreaming them lol a little lucid dreaming push to fulfill my waking goals. As I told my Workout Buddy this morning,

Carpe Diem! xo







Friday Fitness Inspiration  Looking Flawless at ANY Age!

Friday Fitness Inspiration
Looking Flawless at ANY Age!









Hero’s Journey Burpees!!! – Warrior Spirit 

3 Sets/3o – Done! 5:30 am [ Ria 🙂 ] 


day26 (1)


Day 23-24 ♥ Mornings are the BEST!

It’s 6:45 am and I’m dripping wet, feeling energized, body cooling, Sun coming up, blissings to Khepra, eternity, dispelling illusions from within and in our outerworld, and truly celebrating divine knowing and focus on truth! I’ve been busy with lectures, readings, studies, notes, and innerstanding. All through out my workout these images were floating through my inner universe. So much to be in awe and wonder of so much to be truly thankful for! This knowledge and memory allows me to see the body, the physical in a whole new perspective, to see myself in new light, to see the in a more unified way (smiling) is a beautiful and powerful path.




Day 21 ♥ Self Control, Self Discipline, Self Love!

Yes, Be Inspiring simply by being who you are! Dig deep enough to go that extra mile, those extra minutes, that extra rep, it may hurt but YOU are worth it! The first 30 may be a bit difficult but the next 30 will make you that much stronger! (wink) It feels like so much is transforming in my life I’ve hardly had time for facebook, instead I’m planning,  learning and educating myself in areas I’ve always been most passionate about – much has changed and being created. Not just a better (stronger) body – but a stronger mind, willpower and action – oriented self! I’m still vegan + vegetarian. I’m on my way to 3 months natural hair. And full of excitement, gratitude and love!






Day 17 ♥ – Pushing thru the Pain (no matter where you are!)

So I’m REALLY SORE right now, hurting all over! In the midst of my move, I’m organizing the rest of my year and the new school year ahead, making goals, being grateful,  feeling love, sharing passion. I have a sense of crystal clarity that feels amazing and powerful and in spite of my physical (muscle building) pain, I love this energy! Here’s to pushing forward and getting that work!







gratitude givings ♥ #195

grateful for our abundant Universe
this Love we see
this Love we express
this Love we embody
in our life work and walking in purpose
our Divinity
our Sacred Self
for all that is
I see you.
I see me.

Day 195




gratitude givings ♥ #194

grateful for the heirloom organic tomatoes, beautiful green cilantro,
the darkest green kale, herbs and spices, the fresh almond milk I make.
The sweat at my cleavage
the coils in my tiny locs
and the love I am feeling
right here!
Day 194




gratitude givings ♥ #189

Thankful for my Dreams
visions, creative inspiration, warnings, and sacred teachings
deeper innerstanding of the mysteries beyond this life

In space time continuum
where past, present and future become one

I am Thankful for my Dreams
the goals and wishes of my desires
the belief that we all will be free
in this life to be at peace and true oneness
knowing it all starts and ends with me
I love me. I love you.
I am thankful!

Day 189