Day 21 ♥ Self Control, Self Discipline, Self Love!

Yes, Be Inspiring simply by being who you are! Dig deep enough to go that extra mile, those extra minutes, that extra rep, it may hurt but YOU are worth it! The first 30 may be a bit difficult but the next 30 will make you that much stronger! (wink) It feels like so much is transforming in my life I’ve hardly had time for facebook, instead I’m planning,  learning and educating myself in areas I’ve always been most passionate about – much has changed and being created. Not just a better (stronger) body – but a stronger mind, willpower and action – oriented self! I’m still vegan + vegetarian. I’m on my way to 3 months natural hair. And full of excitement, gratitude and love!







Day 20 – 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Perseverance

I had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in months! Unfortunately, I had a truly busy day out and about with my daughter! I had time to only finish my abs routine! Which I will make up for tomorrow (later today!) I’ve also begun new studies in Sustainability. I actually read a whole book in one setting, soaking up information like crazy. It’s both scary and ecstatic! I am so grateful! I wore shorts today and was told that my short hair is inspiring and beautiful! (big smile)



Day 19 ♥ – Keep It Going! – Fitness Motivated Fridays

So I’m up at 5:30 am and ready for a workout! My abs should be sore from yesterdays struggle but upon waking they don’t seem to be hurting. What a shock! Okay I will keep this short and sweet!  And write more this weekend, for now I’m ready to warm up, sweat and get ready for a meeting! Have a beautiful weekend FitFam! Stay motivated, dedicated, disciplined, determined and in ‘hotep’ aka balance! 


















Day 18 ♥ Fitness (Owning the Yang of My Self)

“Why Men Love Bitches” ? I had just spoken about the awesome amount of Self Love that a woman must own, cultivate and embrace from within herself  to stay on course, live her purpose and find true happiness, when this video “popped up” from the many fitness training videos I was watching. How beautifully synchronistic! (smiling) I could only smile and share when I heard this brother speak about the very topic and points I tried to explain (and some energies and experiences I had not yet named or fully understood!)

These past 3-4 years have been quite a journey! Embracing the more powerful aspects of fitness, athletics, martial arts, and forms of sacred movement has and proves to be fruitfully empowering! Many have NOT understood this transition, and have ONLY seen it as physical rather than spiritual AND physical at the same time! True getting an ultra-loving-tree hugging-hippy girl like myself to embrace the darker, dirty, physical side of myself wasnt always an easy adjustment! But diving deeper into not only the ‘darkness’ of my total self helped me to shed some of the illusion and dogma I carried about the universe, life and my role in it! As a Woman redefining her Self for her Self by her Self many aspects of identity had to come tumbling down.The more I searched within the more I learned, saw, felt and knew to be untrue and true about who I had been and was becoming. From a Soul perspective, I was able to truly ‘understand’ who I was, had been, could be, can be, will be – from an I AM – center place of reference.

Fitness has further allowed me to embrace aspects of myself that were dormant, silenced, sleeping from my everyday life. Fitness pushes me harder beyond my comfort zones! Fitness challenges me to be better, try harder, do better, do more, stay committed and nurture myself in the image I want and not settle for what is! My Fitness Journey, continues to further awaken the Yang Masculine Divine Energy, that had seemed somewhat vague and void in my early adult life. Or rather it re-awakened those dormant energies from within me in my own areas of complacency! Surely, I was FULL of the Divine Feminine Unconditional Love energies that I had been well known for on Facebook and in the community, but it was my ‘darker’ ‘ yang’ energy that would allow me to TOTALLY embrace ALL OF WHO I AM ON A SOUL LEVEL. It is a powerful awakening of the Goddess Self from a 360 perspective! (Not a this or that, outer identity point of being.)

There is so much to be grateful for and thankful to for this growth and beautiful exchange!

I no longer sought out those qualities from outside of myself but learned to nurture, cultivate, blossom these energies from within into my outerworld. As I stated in an earlier post, this ‘Red’ energy comes to life when I’m in an athletic situation, academic environment, and a natural, wholistic position of greater awareness on behalf of Mother+Father Earth, the safety of Children, and Nature, et al. And this Brother so eloquently coined this as “Queen Warriors, Women Princess Warriors” energy! I agreed with joy and thanked him!

Storm and Black Panther,  Marvel Comics

Storm and Black Panther,
Marvel Comics

True Brother, I have tapped into the Queendom of my Natural Self, I am living the Warrior Goddess energy of who I am in this lifetime! I am “Owning” the Yang Energy of my Self!

xo! InLove,






Day 18 – Hero’s Journey –





Okay so I’ve been doing additional routines hence my soreness! They are proving to work me to the bone! Here is a variation of an ab workout routine I started doing that is worth the effort, time and pain! “Stick-with-it-ness” will pay off!


Ab – Routine 

Total Time: 25 minute – 30 minute workout
Equipment: Mat, Dumbbells, Water, Towel

Sets/Reps/Duration: 2 rounds (reps) – 60 seconds each exercise

Weighted Wood Chopper (1 dumbbell)
Weighted Squats (2 dumbbells)

Rest 30 seconds

Weighted Russian Twists (1 dumbbell)
Oblique Crunches

Rest 30 seconds

Body weight Mountain Climbers
Body weight Scissor Kicks

Rest 30 seconds

Burpees (slow)
Body weight Lunges (30 seconds, each leg)

Rest 30 seconds

Planks w/Arm & Leg Lifts
Body weight planks (forearms)


Cool down + Stretch! images (16)



Day 17 ♥ – Pushing thru the Pain (no matter where you are!)

So I’m REALLY SORE right now, hurting all over! In the midst of my move, I’m organizing the rest of my year and the new school year ahead, making goals, being grateful,  feeling love, sharing passion. I have a sense of crystal clarity that feels amazing and powerful and in spite of my physical (muscle building) pain, I love this energy! Here’s to pushing forward and getting that work!







Day 16 ♥ – Sore, sore, sore!! (ready for more)

I had the BEST Goddess Bath! Washed my tiny kinky locs with Giovanni, added tea tree essential oils and castor oil everywhere, sprayed jasmine and ylang in the Air, and smiled. ♥ My body hurts, glutes sore, obliques on fire, biceps flaming, and satisfied! I love the mountains and appreciating this staggering heat! Walking my dogs after the Sun goes down, I’m still dripped in sweat and ready for more!




images (2)



Hero’s Journey – Day 16 –  The Sun Goes Down!




Day 15 ♥ – Legs and Arms

Here’s to Day 15 of the Hero’s Journey! 


images (3)

Hero’s Journey – Day 15 –  Dragons  – Legs and Arms

Jump Squats

Jumping Lunges



Day 14 ♥ -Elbow and Knee Strikes (Keep Hydrated!)

The sun has been blazing hot! But don’t stop! Drink plenty of water and get in as much coconut water post workout! About 8 glasses of water per day plus you can eat your water with foods high in water content to nourish your body and cells!


Foods to keep you hydrated –

Fruits like watermelon (with the seeds! yes, the seeds have protein believe it or not! I love them!!)

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Spinach, Strawberries, Broccoli to name a few!






Elbow Strikes

Knee Strikes




Day 13♥ -Weapons Practice and Arms (Push ups to Failure!)

Day 13 – Weapons practice & Arms (push ups to failure!) 

Here’s to another slightly lighter day than regular. But still getting it in, before travel! go, go, go!


day13 (1)


Day 12 ♥ Fitness – Yeah It’s Yoga Day! (relax)

So I will be en route this weekend and excited to see my baby girl who’s just been accepted into college this year while a sophomore in high school. YESSS! The red in me comes out…

a-goddess-isFrom the outside looking in one might then think I’m not a very assertive or aggressive person (pause). This is hardly from the whole truth! These past few years certainly haven’t been very career oriented like others before! In fact, I’ve been having more of a ‘New Life’ crisis – a season of letting go (of my old identity). One that includes a huge awakening and shift in reality, goals, values, you name it! It’s been anything but simple,  or easy- but that’s  because I resisted so hard and avoided the truth. I think for the most part I’ve been living a lie – a mix of twisted perception of Self and allowing a kind of dormancy of Self. Perhaps this is for another blog, article, or short story! I say that because although I’ve been ‘telling’ myself for years that I am calm and green and turquoise colored in nature, recently I found that there is a greater part of me expressing herself in bright red tones, force and nature! Being an outwardly ‘shy’ person since childhood it still shocks me when this ‘giant red energy’ comes from within me! Maybe not shockingly,  but learning to accept this powerful energy within me!  This red energy shows herself in athletics and in academics! (and when I’m fighting for Mother Earth and Her Children!) So naturally when my baby girl says I have a B in Honors Chemistry and I reply encouragingly, “That’s great! Why not an ‘A’?” I only say and do what I myself would do and have done in my own academics! I push her like I push myself when I’m in school. I push her to be better, in life! Congrats Baby Girl!



Yoga Day – Fitness Day 12! – Active Rest Day!