Seeking Fitness in Nature – Fitness Vlog June 2018

How about Fitness in Nature?

Going for a lake swim preceded by yoga in the park? Sounds amazing right, that’s what I thought. I got dressed headed to Fredericksburg VA to a park I had visited last Indian Summer where everyone was either tubing, swimming or fishing in the Rappahannock River. I was excited with yoga mat packed and Speedo-goggles ready! When I got there however I was met with a half closed park gate, complete empty park, and what looked like an overflowing muddy river. I was heart broken and frustrated that perhaps I was in the wrong state or country. Then I thought about Sweden.

So Glam

When you are in Sweden you have the right to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on any land with the exception of private gardens, near a dwelling house or land under cultivation. We call it the Freedom to Roam.


I recently completed an International Business course and was blown away at my findings. First let me share, I’m a kind of bohemian indigenous artistic geek, I’m a Sagittarius who loves just about everything I can sink my teeth into physically and mentally,  i love research and learning. It doesn’t feel right if I cant research something, try it, then report about it.

I’d love to be able to go to a local park with speedo and googles and jump into a lake but living in America the thought of lake swimming in my location is damn near impossible for many reasons.

06-26-18_ClosedPark_Sign_OldMillsVA-NSGCopyrightWell one of my classmates was focusing their project on Sweden so me being me I responded with ‘some’ knowledge of not only business economic statistics and a few political views but dove into what makes Sweden, Sweden. What I found astounded me! For short, I’ve been a Nature lover since I was a child running through the forests learning all I could about berries and flowers to ingest and absorbing the beauty and serenity of trees and cloud watching. I developed a love with Nature and all her healing gems.  I’d love to be able to go to a local park with speedo and googles and jump into a lake but living in America the thought of lake swimming in my location is damn near impossible for many reasons. Uh, not the case in Sweden!

06-26-18_Feathers_Collage_OldMillsVA-NSGCopyright copy

Not only do Swedes have a “Right to Roam” with passports that open doors to them across countries and freely visit other nations without scrutiny, they have what is called “Right to Public Access” or ‘Allemansrätt’ (Outdoor Access Rights) which is a right to national parks and nature that would otherwise be forbidden or heavily limited. That’s right, Swedes can swim in public lakes, park lakes and rivers, roam mountains, and coastlines,  andarchipelagos! Learn more about Swedish EPA Right to Roam policies.


What a huge contrast to the policies and laws here in the United States, especially where I currently reside in Northern Virginia, but then I’m thinking I probably just need to travel. See what other American’s are doing, roam the parks, country sides, coastal regions, get a passport and hop across the country into jungles, hike foreign trails, seek refuge in sacred temples. Okay, Im dreaming and intending! (smile) Here’s to your adventures, fitness and fun! 

Stay Fit, stay Love, stay Empowered! 


Ria (Daria)


Fitness Vlog | June 27 2018



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To Snap or Simply Do, Social Media Blues

It’s sometimes difficult to stop and journal your life in social media.


Ah Spring 2018 – Green Juice and Salad

I’ve been looking through my photos and cataloging them from my phone. There’s quite a “few” food images (over a hundred), gemstone pics (over a hundred) of new jewelry, nature pics I captured and yet haven’t posted. I’ve been wrapped up in doing that I haven’t had the time to share! Even right now, I’m heading out the door to get in some Yoga in the park and river swim! Yesterday at the gym I was reveling in how easy my burpees are compared to a year (years) ago! At this very moment, I feel guilt of not being ‘on time’ by writing this (smile) I just want to get ‘there’ and experience the water, the sun, take in the breath and energy of wherever I choose to be in the moment. I choose to be present!  

So how does this translate into social media? There are two very different contrasting sides to me, one demands complete privacy and autonomy, while the other side wants to snapshot, click and capture every moment of life, the key is balance. Which I am most definitely seeking and embodying.  I’ve heard and seen serious YouTuber Influencers speak on this subject and express how they are torn between the world of Social Media and their personal lives. There followers are in the high thousands and millions so I cant even imagine the pressure they must feel and yet I can relate on a much smaller scale.

Just a reminder_

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In fact, I just finished (wrapping up) my International Business course which I got an A! My next class  is Social Media and this very subject will be discussed and explored (at least by me)! Nevertheless, we must press on and I want to express extreme gratitude, love, and thankfulness. 

Have a Beautiful, Bountiful, Beast Summer! 


Ria (aka Daria)