New Year’s Resolutions hardly ever stick throughout the year! Personally, I think they’re a bad idea because in a sane world who plants seeds in the frigid dead of winter and expects to bear fruit? Wouldn’t it make more sense to plant seeds as nature naturally intended, in the spring cycle where Mother Nature nurtures and nourishes all with warmth, care, and the blossoming of new fruit?  In fact, according to Daniel Wallen of Life Hack Org “10 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail” resolutions fail because “we don’t believe in ourselves, we think too much instead of doing, and we treat a marathon like a sprint!”  and that’s just a few! Why not instead, simply “reaffirm and send intentions” out into the Universe that you either started last fall, summer, or birthday to keep the momentum, motivation, and reignite?

Perhaps you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, or allowed distractions to get in the way of hitting your mark. Well, its never too late! Pick up and dust off those intentions and send them out from the gut of your solar plexus or from your heart chakra with stronger vibrations and knowing that you ‘will’ nurture, create, and will them into fruition. Take a deep smiling breath and see with your minds eye and big open heart that you already have what you desire! Smile in the areas of your creative mind that you are experiencing, doing and living this affirmed existence, scenario, and life choice. Remember “YOU” are the navigator, the commander, the creator of your own holographic world and magnetize and repel at will (thought).

For instance, a few weeks ago I reaffirmed eating healthy! Instead of buying shiny new things like clothes and designer bags, I invested in health ‘supplies’ lol like essential oils, organic beauty products, organic tart cherry, chlorophyll, fresh greens, seeds, and veggies,  a Himalayan salt lamp, and more! I dug up and shared Meditation playlists with family. Purchased candles and aromatherapy oils, beautiful altar and decor motifs to use as spiritual reminders, fresh flowers and vases, all while feeling and speaking my intentions.

Create & DO!
For New Years day, I simply booked a hot Bikram yoga class with like-minded members of my community and followed through with my 50/50 rule (as I push to 80/20)! Today, I will make a Hematite bracelet to continue to ignite my existing intentions, prayers and affirmations.  Hematite (iron oxide mineral (Fe2O3)) has a soothing (albeit small) magnetic effect and upon a full moon can ‘magnetize’ your intentions, heart and word (affirmation)! Real hematite, however, is not a magnet as some sold as real hematite however, metaphysically, this gemstone can be used symbolically with the intention of brining your intention down to earth (grounding). Since we are currently brining in this ‘new’ year under a Cancer Super Full Moon it’s a great alignment to ‘center’ and revisit the inner home the zodiac sign of Cancer reflects. Soft gemstones for the Cancer zodiac are pearl, moonstone, emerald, and ruby to focus on receptivity, nurturing qualities, watery wisdom, and magnification of desires. Choose gemstones that align with your highest intentions and spirit remember “there is spoon”! So be magical, wild, and empowered in using your intuition and ‘know’ you are making the best choices for to support your mission of greatness!

Happy 2018 New Year, Love & Empowerment!




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