“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes you’ve gotta check your self-esteem, give yourself a self-esteem check up. Find out whether you are living on purpose or just going with any given situation that may not honor you. Living on purpose doesn’t mean you are living your dream life and all the world is rainbows, but it does mean you have figured out what you want in your life and having the courage to task out ways to obtain your dream.

Healthy self-esteem means you are not afraid to place your goals in the center of your life. Build your plan and start achieving the small tasks necessary to build upon larger goals, desires, and dreams. You can create an “Inner Wellness Glow” by building self-esteem, stronger values, acceptance of self and others, and being grounded in who and what you are becoming. Healthy self-esteem allows you to radically accept yourself – flaws and all – and create a life you envision as your own.

Check your self-esteem? Do you give into other people’s demands of your time and energy? Or do you make clear boundaries for others to respect your time, energy or resources?

Do you think highly of yourself or your abilities to accomplish a goal, job, creative OnlyOneYouidea?  Or does self-doubt, or negative voices creep in and sabotage your ideas before they take flight?

Do you value yourself? Do you like aspects or parts of yourself or character? Have you given yourself permission to be authentic? Do you value other people’s ideas or opinions over yours? Are you easily swayed or bend to other people’s will or personality? Or do you stand firmly in your own space or ideas and values?

If you’re unsure where your self-esteem lies take a quick check or quiz, get out a pencil and paper and free write your thoughts and deepest truths, meditate or pray on your inquiries, and be patient and observant that your inquiries are being answered. If your self-esteem is damaged begin to rebuild your self-trust, allow intuition and gut feelings to exist in your decision-making process as a priority rather than seeking or accepting outside help, opinion or answers in place of your own.  Accept yourself radically, fully with love, respect and honor your personal values and ideas. Remember there is only one “you!” 


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