Leave it to the profound wisdom of the martial arts master, sir Bruce Lee to bring the truth where it counts, “As you think, so shall you become.” Life can often be full of challenges that we must rise to overcome, rediscover ourselves, and create the balance our soul, spirit, mind and body need to live a long healthy life.


As my dear soldier friend shared with me this beautiful May spring season, “find your formula.” As I began the process of recalibration of my mind, the magic quickly manifested from “dream” to “real” right before my eyes. I am thankful for the beautiful souls that have both taught me the tough lessons and the genuine love.


Life is truly your thoughts and the actions you create. 🙂 As for working out, I went from 139 to 129 without much effort at all. I was rather shocked when a trainer shared my weight and bmi stats with me.
Since living in Georgia, I hadn’t realized just how much I’ve missed the Water! As a child and my adult life, I lived near a body of water. Literally, a creek in my backyards, on the Potomac River, the Chesapeake Bay, Accokeek Creek, Quantico Creek, Neabsco Creek, Aquia Creek, Doeg Creek, Pohick, Accotink, Cameron Run, Rock Creek, the Po River of the Ma and Ta rivers, just to name a few I grew up near that filter into the Atlantic Ocean. Life is somehow different being on that body of sacred water with many names. There is an air of ancient tribal history that predates mans memory and their history books. The names themselves are preserved with vibration that water provides.

Today was the first day back into the mystic and magic of ‘water.’ My childhood play with water and discovering my body movement within this elemental body. My new Speedo, googles, and cap had the lifeguards, and lane swimmers assuming I was a pro but I was just excited to be back in this element practicing my child-like form. Goal 2016? Learn proper form and become a really good swimmer! Because the water not only heals the soul and spirit but provides 10 minutes of super crunched calorie burn and body strength.



And I love to have variety when exercising where I can do crossfit one day, swimming and weightlifting the next.


Here’s to rising up at 4am, getting in your meditation, affirmations, and early morning exercise!










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