Organic Rocks! My thoughts exactly "Go For It"

Organic Rocks! My thoughts exactly “Go For It”

It’s Friday, I’m still turnt up (should be resting my sore body – EVERYTHING HURTS) but I’m wired from my 1st Real Estate Class today at the Hilton! I finally know how to read and purchase Stocks and other juicy Real Estate and Investments how to’s ( i have the notes thing on Fire!!!)


Abhaya mudra symbolizes protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear.

Okay so I’m back in the gym sans anemia (or ANY female problems) this time  around and feeling so much stronger! In addition, let’s see, I’ve been doing legal work for a family member getting a divorce, self-help counseling, been studying, interviewing, working on updating this e-book, working crazy hours, getting my teenage daughter through her first semesters in College (while she’s finishing up High School), organizing and prioritizing, oh following through on my details (yeah!), meditation, mantras and yoga and did I say back in the gym lifting? Had a cold or flu for about 4 days(which was way too long and disruptive) yet I’ve been resting when the Moon is right and in action when the Sun is shining. January has been soooo amazing already and it’s just the 2nd (3rd) week! I am meeting some awesome people.  Moving into new territory in my life, loving myself fearlessly and fulfilling destiny!

Gym Gear + Fashion

Gym Gear + Fashion

I better get some rest but wanted to finish posting some fitness updates. I was a bit disappointed though because I found a pic from 2014 when I was training myself and cant wait to get back to that level and beyond! My fitness goal pic throwback for Jan – Feb for sure!

On the Run eating! (not shown Salad and Avocado! Vitamin C)

On the Run eating! Green Juice and Protein Bar – Post Workout  (not shown Salad and Avocado! Vitamin C!)

This is such an informal post so excuse me. I am off to some meditation and focus before I drift off!


Back in the Gym – January 2016 Progress PIc








Fit Goals for Jan – Feb 2016


Fitness Goals Throw Back




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