I know I’m a bit late with this post but I DID workout today! I’m  loving the way I’m transforming; Sexy, Slimmer, Shapely, Tighter, Toned with a “Glow” as my Body Builder Trainer Champion friend told me yesterday while visiting him at his new gym in Martinez. It so happened to be his birthday. “What are ‘you’ doing to stay so fit?” he asked. I quickly responded almost in doubt in the midst of answering him “Fit? I’m not fit YET! I haven’t been in a gym in ages” catching the “WOW” on his face as his eyes flowed from my shoulders to calves. “I’m getting there.” I assure him seeing my image in my mind.  And Im thankful at how quickly my body is responding to my daily workouts.

Never Limit Yourself Never Limit Others

Never Limit Yourself
Never Limit Others

Perhaps I am more ‘fit’ then I think I am and my daily fitness routines are proving to show and prove.  But knowing my personal fitness and wellness goals, I am on this journey to exceed my own expectations and be in the best shape of my life at any age.


In fact, my Sun was blowing up my phone when I was in the middle of an Upper Body workout. He asked me why I was breathing so hard. I smirked.  As we got into our conversation and he shared his heart with me my voice shifted becoming stronger, more clear, more honest. I listened. REALLY listened to him before answering. I really listened to him and repeated some of his own words back to him. I asked him questions like “Why?” I asked him to look within himself to find the answers, to be brave, to be confrontational with himself, to be honest and lose all the distractions from deeper self-inquiry.  There were many “wow’s,” pauses and realizations we shared between the two of us.  By the time I hung up he said he knew what he must do and I had realized not only about him but about myself,  my family and the generations in my circle.
The longing to be whole, realized and fulfilled are ageless. And my words that happiness only truly comes through finding your passion, your happiness, your reason for waking echoed from my heart to his. Life is for exploration and being present! And keeping your will power strong.


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