If you do not conquer Self,
you will be conquered by Self

Napoleon Hill

A Magnificent Obsession

I wanted to place this under the Be Healthy! tab because wellness is about “all” aspects of one’s life not one area being in balance while others are not strengthened.  If there are areas of your life that need attention, by all means uncover the hidden blocks that  keep you from happiness, peace and success. It is often the very things we resist that are calling us to greatness!  All things can be over come and thus achieved with the ‘right’ attitude and deeper innerstanding.  Wealth is no different to fitness or any other goal.


Time to reevaluate the psychological associations and meanings of ‘success’, ‘wealth’,  ‘abundance’ . For many years, I took my wealth building skills out of my personal life equation to focus on gaining deeper  spirituality and wisdom. I learned innumerable lessons in spirituality, faith and attaining inner joy even in the midst of crisis, turmoil and poverty.   But I purposefully ignored my material side, my finances were in ruin. I made lots of money easily because I knew I could. I would say “I’m lucky when it comes to money!” “I always have money!” “I can get any salary I want!” And because I believed it, I did it. Money came to me often effortlessly. As  a freelance designer, I would get calls and contacts for jobs making immense hourly wages. But I did not work smart and I still had the very same attitudes and habits that worked against building long lasting wealth. In fact, I eventually began to ‘hate’ my job but felt trapped like a hamster on a treadmill going no where! I was not living my purpose only for the best pay and that came at a great cost. A part of me was in conflict with the spiritual side of wealth and success. And I lived in this illusory state for many years. I was so stubborn about my ‘renunciation’ of the material life seeing it as a root to humanity’s evils and spiritual problems that I didnt realize I was not only deeply effecting my own well-being but those around me.  It was a strange mix of a deeper misunderstanding that spiraled out of control that eventually allowed me to see  that ALL things, events, attitudes, ideas are INTERRELATED.  Had I a more clearer view and philosophy about Wealth and Purpose my life would have been much different during those years on the rat race treadmill.  Having a healthy wealth building plan for myself and family could have ‘helped’ MORE people and changed lives for the better. With a spiritual foundation at its core roots, branches, and fruit wealth can be a tool to transform lives for the highest good!


Surely the later statement only means that the means can provide greater movements of transformation and journey. The truth is a deep passion of purpose can turn ANY obstacle into a victory, abundance, wealth and success. And rally millions into action and transformation.  I’ve seen it! I’ve experienced this phenomenon.   I believe true wellness is ‘right’ thought, balanced and right action on all things pertaining to one’s life.  Material is a tool that can be used to serve, assist, and free many from indebtedness, physical, emotional, mental slavery, and deep imbalances within the psyche and spirit. One can be truly spiritual AND wealthy, successful and creatively abundant!

We are meant to be abundant. We are born to successful. We are birthed to be wealthy. AND healthy, and fit and empowered and loved! WE only need to look deep within to know we already possess that which we seek!!!!

In this Spirit of Love and Empowerment, I share with you some ‘reminders’ to these Secrets and Universal Laws that we must awaken, cultivate and activate into focus!
They were shared with me and now I give back to you. Let us recycle our love, our wealth, our success, our joy, our abundance!

In Love, Empowerment and Freedom,








Tips: Train Your Mind, Habits and Cultivate Your  Skills 

  2. Listen to Audio Books and Recordings to Replace Old Thought Patterns
  3. Attend Seminars and Live Groups  – Experience Changes You! 
  4. Continue Educating Yourself! 
  5. SAVE 10% – Live Below Your Means! Pay Yourself First = Success Principal
  6. GET OUT OF DEBT! Reduce Debt Load, Interest,
  7. Cultivate Priority Management Skills and Create System
  8. ASSOCIATE WITH “WINNERS” – Like Minded People and Energy Association
  9. WORK SMART! – Do What You Love! 
  10. Develop  a Pleasing Personality – Are you Likable?
  11. Develop Communication Skills – Negotiation, Sales, Persuasion Skills
  12. Improve Credit Score 
  13. Reduce Taxes – learn the Techniques
  14. Reduce Insurance Premiums by 2/3 to develop Wealth
  15. Use Corporations and Trusts to Build Wealth
  16. OPM Other’s Peoples Money -Learn this technique
  17. Reduce Expenses (Expenditures), Increase Income!
  18. EBAY – Learn to Sell and Make Money Online
  19. Real Estate (part time)
  20. Invest in Stock Market, Equities
  21. Trading in Stock  (part time)

Source: Kevin Trudeau, 25 Secrets to Wealth Creation


Books, Videos,  Lectures on Wealth, Success and the Law of Attraction

by Earl Nightingale

by Napoleon Hill

by Kevin Trudeau
by David Bach
Steps To Financial Freedom
by Tony Robbins

THE LAW OF SUCCESS –  Vol. 1 Lesson 2 – A Definite Chief Aim
by Napoleon Hill


The Go-Getter
See You at the Top
Ask and It is Given
The Magic of Thinking Big
The Magic of Believing
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
The 4 Hour Work Week 
The Secret 


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