Fitness Goal: Be Healthy, Feel Lighter, More Energy
Programs: 30 Day Vegan Challenge: May 6, 2015 – June 6, 2015
Initial Weight:
140 lbs, May 6, 2015
End Weight: 131 lbs

Fitness Goal: Cultivate Daily Fitness Habit 
Program Motivation: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Programs: Hero’s Journey (30 Days), Cardio, 30 Day Yoga, Running, Sprints
Initial Weight/End Weight: Not Monitored, Not Recorded

Fitness Goal: Loose Weight, Tone Body
Program: 21 Day Fix Extreme
Initial Start Date:
 July 21, 2015
End Date: August 12, 2015
Initial Weigh In: 130 lbs
End Weight: 127 lbs

Current Plan 
Fitness Goal: Shred, Gain Muscle, Stamina, Strength, Endurance
Programs: 2nd Round – 21DFX and P90X (hybrid)
Initial Start Date: August 13, 2015
Initial Weigh In: 128 lbs


Progress CheckIn


August 15, August 16 Progress Pics, Toning and Building Muscle (see my sweat and baby muscles! lol)

Fitness Update, Fitness Programs, Fitness Plan Calendar, Nutritional Plan 

So I’m on Round 2 of 21DFX  AND I picked up or rather dusted off my copy of P90X! Years ago, I shamefully admitted that I wasn’t strong enough to finish or even attempt to follow along with the P90X routines!!!!! I remember saying to myself “one day I will get there!” I guess that day is today-right now. I’ve been doing the program with success and satisfaction. I love the program and laughed that it took me so long. Pike pushups, Banana Rolls,  no problem,   I’m in there! Wall Squats, One-Legged Wall Squats – I’m screaming,”Bring it on!” I get up, take a pause, bounce back, ready for more!

I’m sweating, I’m smiling, I’m sore,  I’m satisfied.   I can actually see transformation and gains! This  is exciting. My Calves are already getting rock hard! I see my Quads are becoming defined.  Traps and Shoulders, Arms and Biceps sculpting into view. Large and small changes everywhere.

Steps to Creating a New Improved Fitness Plan for My Wellness Goals
I updated my Fitness Plan and created a Fitness Plan Program calendar which I synced to my iPhone. I use this on the Beachbody site and add the P90X hybrid program manually. Since it’s a hybrid program that I created for this Round 2 of 21DFX it’s  different from the pre applied options on the site. So far this method is working out perfectly! I have the freedom to mix up the P90X exercise sessions at will if I choose to do so  and they compliment the 21DFX program perfectly giving me that EXTRA DYNAMIC GRIT I am constantly seeking. What girl doesn’t love a challenge?


Round 2 – 21 Day Fix Extreme Program


tony-bio-P90X-thumb (1)

P90X Program

Follow Up Routine – Keeping Tabs on My Daily Habits
Finally after these workouts, I want to eat for results and nutrition value AND crawl into a ball and sleep! Yeah, I worked that hard! I eat based on my Fitness Plan (i.e., goals), record my meals and snacks in my Nutrition Journal, then find a comfy spot to crawl into a little ball to Recover. Ready to do it all again, the next day! 2015-08-17 07-31-01

Modified Nutrition Plan: Sample Nutrition Journal using App (August 16, 2015)

Nutritional Plan Modifications – Vegan to Vegetarian -type
I’ve modified my Nutrition Plan from 1200-1300  calories or less doing 21 Day Fix Extreme  (21DFX) program  – Round 1-  to 1300-1500 calories (give or take 500-100 calories) doing Round 2 – 21DFX AND  P90X hybrid programs.  I have also included Sardines, Organic Eggs and very bitter Yogurt (Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. bulgaricus) for additional protein sources and omega fatty acids. Of course, I stick to my vegetarian staples like Spinach and Kale, Red Quinoa,  Chickpeas, Black Olives,  Certified Organic Tofu, and lots of Vegetarian meatless alternatives! But since I was lacking in serious protein deficits I added the above mentioned to help me increase my muscle production (faster)and achieve my Fitness Goals. The trade off is more mucus so I’m not sure how long I will choose to maintain the dairy (reduce it or eliminate completely) but for now I will see how my body responds to these variables. I plan the meals according to my workouts. If i have a hectic high calories workout I make modifications to my meals, for yoga and pilates days I adjust for lighter meals more greens less protein but I stay consistent on my greens, protein shakes, water intake, and supplements.

Brands iLike using for these Round 2 includes occasional Creatine from GNC.Staples include; Raw Spinach, Raw Almonds, Coconut Oil (Nutiva), Hemp Protein Powder (Navitas), Shredded Coconut, Vitamin C -EmergenC (post recovery).

Brands iLike  and using for Round 2 include occasional Creatine from GNC. Daily Staples include, Raw Spinach, Raw Almonds, Coconut Oil (Nutiva), Hemp Protein Powder (Navitas), Shredded Coconut, Vitamin C -EmergenC (post recovery).


Caloric Calculations and Keeping Daily Stats and Records – What and How?
I added my 21DFX and P90X exercise programs to the Exercise tab of the MyFitnessPal app. How? Since the app itself is in my opinion limited on the exercise database side, I had to do it myself. (A quick note, is great for keeping track of workout and gym plans and programs, but sucks on the nutrition functionality.) So…since I started with myfitnesspal app I figured I would continue with it and make my own adjustments.
Here’s How: I researched the specific exercises, duration (length), and calories burned using online tools to calculate projected caloric formulas based on my current weight. Which, by the way, went from 140 lbs in May  2015 to 128 lbs as of August 16, 2015. One helpful tool is this P90X website: P90X Calories Calculator. I can provide more how-to in another post.

Vegetarian + Vegan Protein Shakes, Smoothies and Homemade Milks
I  had a Facebook inquiry yesterday about the dangers of Carageenan in Almond Milk. I replied to the Brother that I do not buy or no longer purchase store brand Almond or Coconut milk. I stated this many times on Facebook but perhaps it didn’t translate very well. I had read a few articles on the risks of the sea moss carageenan causing cancer AND the marketing shams the companies producing Almond Milk providing very little almonds to milk production ratio’s worth the costs of carton of store bought milk. Since these issues both raised considerable concerns for me and my family I decided there and then to make my own and haven’t looked back. The irony is that I had just taken a pic of my almond milk and green protein just that morning prior to his inquiry on Messenger.  I will post another article on this issue and provide recipes for both Almond Milk, Coconut Milk and Vegan Protein Smoothies for Pre and Post Workouts. 


August 16, 2015



Daily Green Vegan Protein Shake


Typical 21 Day FX Meals & Earlier 21DFX Meal Plans
Using the 21DFX containers has been awesome. In the beginning of the program, they truly helped me to ‘cut’ my meal portions. Since I wasn’t at the ‘Very Active’ fit lifestyle I was accustomed to in my earlier fitness experiences, I had to actually learn how to cut down my eating to fit my fitness goals. 1st slim down, i.e., loose weight, then only then get ‘toned’ and then build muscle.  I did it this way because I wanted the look I was after and the results to follow in sequence. I tried (with a Trainer) I might add, to simply get toned but following his dynamic crossfit-bodybuilding-‘bulk up’ -slim down plan was chaos for me. I hadn’t learned the fundamentals clearly and it translated into a sometimes hit or miss meal plan and  gym results that I wasnt happy with. Doing it methodically and in sequence works better form me and I’m finding it effective,  faster, more powerful results. I understand it takes some learning to acclimate oneself to and some serious nutrition study and science. 


Earlier 21DFX Foods for Round 1 following a 1200-or less Caloric target plan.

Earlier 21DFX Foods for Round 1 following a 1200-or less Caloric target plan.

Since I record my daily meals and snacks I’m aware of how many calories the Coconut Milk, Coconut Water and Almond milk contain including Fats, Sugars, Sodium and other Vitamins and Minerals I keep mental note of for overall health and wellness. I go for Complex Carbohydrates, and Healthy Fats, but  I also watch and take note at how foods effect and transform into muscle and Energy!  I am constantly researching and taking notes. Learning new things is my daily mantra!

Make Modifications + Adjustments When Necessary – Turn “Problems” to Solutions
For instance I will share a pic of some ‘early’ eating in my 1st round of 21DFX .
The granola pic is one breakfast I have modified in Round 2. Why? Sugar and Fat content!
I watch how many glasses of Coconut and Almond Milk I consume, and I don’t or rarely use the dried cranberries , raisins, or “high sugar” fruit. I have almost entirely omitted bananas due to high sugar content. Bananas are high in Potassium and are  great for metabolism and source of electrolytes for the body especially during or after workouts when the body sweats out water and minerals. How can you solve this physiological biological need? Solution,  Drink Coconut Water instead! Coconut water is isotonic, nutrient dense, superfood that helps the body to heal and maintain welleness. 1-cup  of coconut water contains 600 milligrams of potassium, essential electrolytes including minerals, and vitamins.



What I modified and substituted: In Round 2 -21DFX, I add half a cup of bitter yogurt, 1 color container of organic granola, fresh cherries or blueberries, NO dried berries, NO banana, or if I can splurge on sugar,  only half a small banana. When your goal is to get shredded you do not want high sugar variables in your ratios of Carbs,  Fats, Proteins, (Sugars) totaling your  daily Calories. In my Breakfast meal with the granola, banana, Understanding these ratios are key to getting the results you desire. 


Typical Organic Cold Cereal Breakfast for Round 1 – 21DFX. I have omitted adding dried cranberries and bananas due to high sugar content in Round 2.


Real Life Case and Point – Learn From Your Past and Make Adjustments that Serve You!
Although “healthy” with organic ingredients, the typical breakfast pictured above would look something like this in actual calories, and ratios.  And remember this is ONLY breakfast and projections!

Breakfast – “Healthy” Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Cherries – 9 cherries – Fruit Cherries, 9 cherries 39 10 1 1 0 8
Home – Organic Banana, 1 medium banana 110 29 0 1 0 15
Homemade – Almond Milk, 1 cup 218 7 19 8 0 2
Cascade Farm Organic – French Vanilla Almond Granola, 1 cup 360 64 9 7 150 22
Dried cranberries – Dried Cranberries, 0.25 cup 130 33 0 0 10 28
Add Food

Quick Tools – TOTALS
857 144 29 17 160 75

Sugar at 75 grams already at your Breakfast meal is astounding and puts you at a -4 total sugar for your entire day!!!! It’s eye-opening when you finally put your meals to numbers. The “I cant figure out why I’m still not seeing results” mantra becomes VERY- VERY CLEAR! When you can actually see the data and science behind the words your plan becomes  very, very clear. Of course these numbers are estimated values and projections, but keeping track as closely as possible ensures more control over the outcome of your results then winging it any day of the week! Keeping your Goals doable, measurable and achievable. 🙂

The above sample breakfast can be modified many times over. One way might look like this with the almond milk swapped out for 1/2 cup of Fage Yogurt, NO  Banana,No dried fruit cranberries, 9 or so Cherries Fresh or Blueberries, and 1 cup Granola this can be 1/4 cup as well  which would further modify these variables.

Breakfast (Modified 1) Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Cherries – 9 cherries – Fruit Cherries, 9 cherries 39 10 1 1 0 8
Cascade Farm Organic – French Vanilla Almond Granola, 1 cup 360 64 9 7 150 22
Fage (Fage Usa Dairy Industry, Inc – All Natural Nonfat Greek Strained Yogurt, 113.5 g 65 5 0 12 43 5
Add Food

Quick Tools – Totals
464 79 10 20 192 35


A strictly Vegan version might look like this table below. Modifying the Fage Yogurt for Homemade Coconut Water or Milk and adding Raw Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas).There are countless ways to adjust your Meal plans to get the variables and results you seek. AND you can use the 21 Day Fix Container System to further cut your calories and loose the weight properly, safely and effectively. Because it  Works! 

Breakfast (Modified 2) Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Cherries – 9 cherries – Fruit Cherries, 9 cherries 39 10 1 1 0 8
Cascade Farm Organic – French Vanilla Almond Granola, 1 cup 360 64 9 7 150 22
One Coconut Water – Coconut Water, 1 cup 44 10 0 0 44 8
Pumpkin Seeds – Raw Pumpkin Seeds, 1 tbsp(s) 18 2 1 1 1 0
Add Food

Quick Tools – TOTALS
461 86 11 9 195 38

***Remember, these are  Breakfast Meals post workout. I often add (and input into this app) a PreWorkout Green Protein Shake and follow up with a Post Workout Green Protein Shake. In the case of expending -500 calories or more on workouts I add a second smaller meal or snack. To speed up recovery time and fuel metabolism and body function. I may expand to having smaller meals every 3-4 hours until bedtime as my workouts turn into training. I’ve even learned what to snack up on for better results! 😉


READ, READ, READ! Never take My Word for It! Read, Research and Empower YourSelf
If I may further add with a little research, I found this article to be ‘most’ helpful to better innerstand the Carb-Fat-Protein-Sugar Ratio!

We’ve heard it all before, “carbs are the enemy.” Well, not really. Completely slashing your carbohydrate intake will certainly help with dropping the pounds (and fast) but you’ll also be left feeling cranky, tired and lethargic. “Carbs are essential for life as our brain and CNS require them continuously to work properly. Restricting carbs completely will allow for any muscle mass to be metabolized to provide us with energy,” says Tim McComsey, a trainer, dietitian and correspondent to HUMANFITPROJECT. It all comes down to using them correctly, not cutting them completely. “To get lean, a balance of the right amount of carbs first thing in the morning and after workout is ideal,” he says.

~ From 

Loosing weight, Getting Fit, Shredded, Maintaining Health and Wellness is a Science
And you best get up on your reading, research and learn as much as you can.  Never rely on someone else to ‘tell’ you what to do or how to to it, but seek that information for yourself as a means of Empowerment, Wisdom and Knowing. Stay Open to new information and new ways of doing things. Modify and Improve whenever you can. Stay focused, motivated and inspired and I promise you the sweat and tears will be worth it. You are creating and transforming. (Okay Im starving! haha )


InLove, Respect and Power! 





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