Ready, Set, Go-ddess!


Yeah! I just did my 1st ever BeachBody Program and completed my 1st round of 21DFX (21 Day Fix Extreme)! I am so excited!!! I was ‘mini-shopping’ last night and as I was in the bread aisle looking for low carb wraps for sandwiches, a Brother commented “I gotta see what bread you’re  getting! Whatever you doing keep doing it Sis, you look good!” I was so ecstatic and shocked a little voice in me said “I plan on  doing just that!” 🙂

Since my start date, I had been contemplating on what to choose next for a fitness program and boom! (the answer fell so beautifully into place!)
I wondered if I could do ANOTHER round of 21DFX because the nutrition portions worked, I leaned out, and started to see my body shred–so why stop what works? Since most of my workouts were doubles anyway, I could do what some call a ‘hybrid’ and a Round 2 of the same program with more intensity, focus and continued commitment.


For the past 21 plus days, I’ve kept an accurate, honest, and detailed Fitness and Nutrition journal. I look closely and monitor my daily intake . I no longer indulge in sweets or “eat whatever” habits thinking an hour workout will do the trick and support my fitness goals. Instead, I observe my cravings, stay disciplined to my goals and increase my commitment with action!


I am feeling ‘lighter’ stronger, and more in tune with my body! And it’s a beautiful experience! My period was lighter, painless, and fast! I was able to work through each day (with slight moderation) with little to no disruption.  Staying Vegetarian/Vegan AND on my Fitness has proved beneficial on so many levels and I’m so excited to keep it going!!!!


And see my gains (results) for the next 21 Days!

Ready, Set, Go-ddess!



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