The Next 30 – Fit Friday Motivation!

My Rest Days are over and I am back in the saddle ready the next 30 Days!

Here’s what I did yesterday! Today I’ve done 2 workouts this morning up at 4 ish am, Vegan Protein smoothie and Coconut Water within reach! I joined an Accountability Group but I pretty much have that arena on lock and on cruise control. Yeah!! I am pretty self-motivated to see where the next 30 days of fitness will take me! My arms and shoulders are on Fire!! Biceps are screaming – Hey Beautiful! Yeah- using my weights and upping weights as initially planned! I’m very excited to completed this 21 Day Fix Extreme and Hero’s Journey with bang! Today I substituted the HJ with a kick ass weighted cardio, hitting glutes, arms, abs, and legs; a second 30 minutes cant hurt. People in my group are amazed that I can get through the Extreme session let alone add another 30 minute cardio,  walk sprint or fitness class to my workout! I guess they don’t realize the self imposed brutality I put my body through, the appropriate word being conditioning and HIIT I was doing. Talk about Military type fitness training, I did it, not always the fastest or strongest but absolutely beating my scores and reaching to higher levels of  athleticism. I know what I can do and still feel as if I can do ‘more’! I am acquiring the discipline I once had a child and adolescent and it feels amazing! I can’t stop now…

Fit Friday Motivation 





My Gym Goal! Motivated and Inspired!

My Gym Goal! Motivated and Inspired!

Score Board

Date: Thursday – 7-3-15

Program: DAY 821 Day Fix EXTREME Workout Schedule
Plyo Fix EX
30 Minutes = 320 calories burned
Weights= 10lb, 25lb

Program: Hero’s Journey – 2 Days (make up)  30 min= 237 Calories burned 




gratitude givings ♥ #211

I am Thankful to all the Beautiful Alive, Awake and Thriving Beings
Those Knowing of themselves in higher Frequencies of Ascension
and those struggling through the process of Rebirth
I remember You as I remember mySelf
Do not walk in Despair but Certainty
Claim your Greatness
Blossom to Your Gifts
the Wisdom of our Ancient Ancestors
Awaits within Us
Be Kind, Know Truth, and Sow Seeds
for the Many Tribes of Earth’s Children

I see you! in Love and Eternity’

I am Grateful for this Now!

Day 211

UNniverse within quote