Leg Day done! I”m ready for this Ab routine!! I’m drenched in sweat! ♥ I love working out in the early morning. The rest of my day is mine!;-)

Yesterday I had to sleep extra hours which is probably just ‘normal’ sleep cycle to recover from these routines. But I’m not complaining. I ran my dog who I call Anpu who is usually feisty, bull headed and brazen for his miniature size. About 2 hills away from home I turn to speak to someone and notice he is stretched out tongue sideways out of his tiny mouth under a tree completely stuck from further movement. I was blown away! “Come on little man, we got 2 more hills to sprint! We can do this!” It was 11 ish am and the Southern Sun was in full swing. I made a mental note to NEVER EVER attempt to run after 11 am in the South, it’s brutal. But I’m sure I got all the Super Melinated Vitamin D energy transmission and intra-cellular synthesis. Because when I woke up from sleep I was no longer sore!!! Yeah, MORE WORK to the Next Level We go! ♥


Leg Day done! I”m ready for this Ab routine!! 


Have a Beautiful Day Fit Family! ♥



Day  28 ♥ Hero’s Journey – Under the Stars 




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