21 Day Fix Extreme – Kit (july 23, 2015)

Completed my Day 3 – 21 Day Fix ExtremePilates and had a great stretch and abs routine. Now it’s time to conquer this Seven 7 Assassins Fight Routine (Hero’s Journey) lol . What a great way to celebrate the Rising Sun (wink). I was really sore in my calves last night after my 30 minute Walk-Jog-Sprint (-233) and 20 minute Burpees (-241). My total calorie burn for Fitness Fridays was a kickass –689 calories! And it felt so amazing! I have so many meal pics to post I just have been more consumed with metaphysical and world history studies,  nutrition and fitness, and sustainability courses, I haven’t posted or blogged them. (blush) 


Right now I just feel stretched, laid back (blame it on early Saturday morning while everyone else is sleeping) so I’m about to pump up with a Hero’s Epic playlist and get to work! So I can do more dreaming 😉 Hotep, Love,  more Love and Greater Awareness! 

In Love,













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