gratitude givings ♥ – #192

I am Thankful

to the Men in my life

past, present, future
For the Men I have loved and lived for in love
being Friend, Teacher, Lover, Girlfriend, Nurse, Wife, Mother, Tantric Goddess
Your Divine Masculine
Awakened the dormant sleeping parts of me
I am Thankful to know Love to Become Love to Be Love
Day 192



Day 14 ♥ -Elbow and Knee Strikes (Keep Hydrated!)

The sun has been blazing hot! But don’t stop! Drink plenty of water and get in as much coconut water post workout! About 8 glasses of water per day plus you can eat your water with foods high in water content to nourish your body and cells!


Foods to keep you hydrated –

Fruits like watermelon (with the seeds! yes, the seeds have protein believe it or not! I love them!!)

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Spinach, Strawberries, Broccoli to name a few!






Elbow Strikes

Knee Strikes