Day: July 10, 2015


gratitude givings ♥ – #190

Today I am thankful for my Daughter Kaya Her perseverance through the storms, and the rains, to better shinier brighter days She is Goddess in the making, already perfectly made I am already so very proud her achievements Today she received her Entrance Letter into College! ♥ For your Sophomore year in High School AND your Freshman year in College! I congratulate You! You are proof … Read More gratitude givings ♥ – #190


Day 12 ♥ Fitness – Yeah It’s Yoga Day! (relax)

So I will be en route this weekend and excited to see my baby girl who’s just been accepted into college this year while a sophomore in high school. YESSS! The red in me comes out… From the outside looking in one might then think I’m not a very assertive or aggressive person (pause). This is hardly from the whole truth! These past few years … Read More Day 12 ♥ Fitness – Yeah It’s Yoga Day! (relax)

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