Day: July 9, 2015

DIY♥ – Best Homemade Athletic + Vegan Protein Bars!

Okay so I’m on a search to find the BEST Athletic Vegan homemade protein bars! I have not tried them myself so I’m in the gather information phase and will follow up with my own how – to video or recipe! Since I workout and truly LOVE athletics in many forms I think I owe it to myself to put my feet in it … Read More DIY♥ – Best Homemade Athletic + Vegan Protein Bars!

Iron Rich Vegan Foods + Why Vegans are Crazy!

Happy Thursday! ♥ So this started out as a how to fitness quickie article then turned into How to make Homemade protein bars to  “Why Im not 100% Raw!”  Ok Im gonna split this up! First things first!  My energy is a little low these past few days. I haven’t figured out what ‘right’ balance I need when I’m on my menses. I usually crave meat around this … Read More Iron Rich Vegan Foods + Why Vegans are Crazy!

Day 11 ♥ High Knees, Knee Strikes, Half Jacks, Jump Squats!

Good morning Happy Rising! Ready to Work!  Here’s how! ♥ Half Jacks High Knees Jump Squats        


gratitude givings ♥ #189

I AM Thankful for my Dreams visions, creative inspiration, warnings, and sacred teachings deeper innerstanding of the mysteries beyond this life In space time continuum where past, present and future become one I am Thankful for my Dreams the goals and wishes of my desires the belief that we all will be free in this life to be at peace and true oneness knowing … Read More gratitude givings ♥ #189

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