I recently saw this video on a search for finding the best and or worst yoga poses to do when on you menses. I dont have cramps, Im not out of sorts, quite the contrary Im high vibration and high optimistic and moving forward with big energy. I can admit my periods had become a night mare once I hit my mid 40s! Prior the winter of 2012, I had the over 30 years of serene almost non existent periods – sans cramps, or discomfort, sans wild mood swings, or symptoms, in fact, being vegetarian seemed to help me through those years. There were times when my period was almost non existent or lasted for 2-4 days tops! I used to brag on it. But then as I hit 40-ish and through diet changes I guess my periods were less kind. The last few years especially I suffered quietly. Now, they are much lighter. Not to my almost non existent state of yesteryear but showing a much healthier improvement. I have no cramps, very little almost-non-existent bloating,  and my emotions are steady, balanced and clear.

I usually have to shut down for a week while on my menses but so far my energy is fine, and I’m honestly ready for sprinting, planks, sessions et al.


During yoga I mastered a crow pose with little effort. Then  I found that the most important pose for women on our menses to do is Savasana (the Restorative Pose) to take Sacred Time for ourselves as needed. To be intuitive, to be still and restful. “Deeply connecting to our Souls and Intuition”  Sara Avant Stover, yogini and best-selling author of The Way of the Happy Woman.

She further asks:

  • What are the Dominant Emotions that I’m feeling during my cycle this month?
  • What issues are coming to light through situations in my life? 
  • Through my relationships, through my emotions, that need my attention? 
  • What feels really hard right now, feels really challenging? 
  • And what Am I needing to know and to learn from those challenges?
  • How am I being called to heal and transform ? 


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