Day: July 7, 2015

#1 Menses Yoga Pose – Savasana ?

I recently saw this video on a search for finding the best and or worst yoga poses to do when on you menses. I dont have cramps, Im not out of sorts, quite the contrary Im high vibration and high optimistic and moving forward with big energy. I can admit my periods had become a night mare once I hit my mid 40s! Prior … Read More #1 Menses Yoga Pose – Savasana ?

gratitude givings ♥ #187

I AM Thankful for the Support and Divine Guidance of the Universe! I am creatively abundant! I am Wealthy an Healthy in Body, Mind and Soul! Day 187

Day 9 ♥ – Crow Pose – From My Yoga Pages

So yesterday I did the  Crow Pose in my Yoga practice! You can imagine how stoked I am right now!! I had only planned on ‘stretching’ out better to make up for missing my Warm ups, cool downs and stretches the day before my HIIT morning practice! Since I was sore, I really just went into the practice completely open-minded and found myself pushing, stretching … Read More Day 9 ♥ – Crow Pose – From My Yoga Pages

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