gratitude givings♥ : #185


Grateful for all the Sacred Teachers in my life
providing Divine Guidance & Community Love
We are because of You!
Day 185


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“Yoga as Elevation” – Morning Ritual – Benefits of Kemetic Yoga

I had the opportunity to meet and take classes with Brother Baba Master Teacher Yirser Ra Hotep founder of Kemtic Skills Yoga in 2011. Prior to this group class at PIES in Alexandria, Virginia, we met in a small community Bellydance and Yoga weekend workshop in Brooklyn, New York. I was all smiles in my tie dye “Love” T shirt having some years of traditional yoga practice and study. Eager to soak up new information and ways of practicing, I was excited by learning Kemetic Yoga and it’s philosophy to more ancient forms of yoga expression. If you haven’t tried Kemetic Yoga in your community please take a moment to watch these videos as an introduction to this yoga practice. Own Hawk’s Morning Ritual is pretty amazing – It’s added below!

KemticYoga July 2013

Kemetic Yoga_July 2011. PIES Fitness, Alexandria, VA.

“Yoga as Elevation” – Kemetic Skills Yoga

Some of the benefits  of Kemetic Skills yoga will be discussed in this video introduction are:

  • Working with Subtle Energy
  • Being Patient and Loving  with Your Body
  • Go step by step, piece by peace to get a posture
  • Dying at your own terms
  • Living Healthy
  • Choosing to be Vegan

Ona Hawk is a certified and nationally registered (RYT-200) Kemetic Yoga teacher

Firehawk Yoga Studio is located at  675 Metropolitan Parkway SW Atlanta, GA 30310
Tel: 404-630-0000  Email:


Morning Ritual w Ona Hawk 

Day 7♥ – Fit Sunday – Get it Goddess!

I’m hoping there will be Sun this morning!

Day 7 – Whoot, whoot! Get It Goddess! 



Today I will be doing alot of planks and high knee sets 7 sets (20-2 sets),  along with Sprinting – Running interval training –  (30 minute to 1 hour total), Abs routine (28 Sit Ups, 110 Flutter Kicks, 1min10sec Plank), air Squats + Push ups (65 Squats, 28 Push Ups)! Evening will be Yoga + Meditation!


Get Your Fitness Goddess Inspiration!

Benefits of Flutter Kicks 

  • Target lower and middle abs and hip flexor muscles
  • Strengthen your Core
  • Improve Endurance Level
  • great exercise for swimmers


Ab Vs and Flutter Kicks Super Sets. Credit.

Ab Vs and Flutter Kicks Super Sets. Credit.