Everything you need is within you already! (so don’t be “needy”)


Cultivating Happiness, Motivation, Endurance, Compassion + Self+Love!

belove_bgSometimes you can’t look outside of yourself to get the feel good emotions or support you crave. And yet there are zillions of examples of happiness, motivation, endurance, compassion and love facilitating change in our wold! It’s more empowering to first seek it and awaken these energies from within than call out the guards on a search for those emotions in others. It’s more empowering to cultivate and stir these sometimes dormant emotions and feeling from the inside. Then reflect happiness, endurance, self+love to others! 


Everything you need is within you already! 


Mantra of the Day:

“I am Divine Light! I am Sacred! I am Love! I am Creative! I am Abundance! I am Wellness! I am Fearless! I am Infinite! I am Cooperative! I am Peace and Wholeness!”  (now smile!)


Forgiveness –  When You Want to Punch Him in the Face!

forgivness540x404It’s often the people we are closest to you that seem to hurt you the most. If someone yelled screw you bitch I probably would smirk or walk away, but when your loved ones use words that cut to the very core of your being, it’s hard to have a thick skin and walk away. Say your child who you’ve raised never to disrespect elders suddenly feels he’s justified in calling you a “Bitch”? What do you do? As a Black Mother, my first instinct is to knock his ass out, as an “enlightened being” my mind races with conscious, scenarios – our possible physical altercation, the words that we will both regret and never be able to take back, and a ruined family relationship that could last decades. As an ‘enlightened being’ I turn around and walk away, but of course things will never be the same. And thus the healing process begins!

Quick-Empowering Solutions:

  • An2krIStay on your agenda (keep motivated and keep it moving)
  • Don’t get caught up in your emotions (or someone elses)
  • Act upon Being your Best Self
  • Love Like You’ve NEVER been Hurt Before
  • Know that You are Sacred and Divine
  • Cherish All there Is Around you
  • Take Nothing for Granted,
  • Give Often!
  • Smile Often
  • Stay on your Grind!

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