The Next 30 – Fit Friday Motivation!

My Rest Days are over and I am back in the saddle ready the next 30 Days!

Here’s what I did yesterday! Today I’ve done 2 workouts this morning up at 4 ish am, Vegan Protein smoothie and Coconut Water within reach! I joined an Accountability Group but I pretty much have that arena on lock and on cruise control. Yeah!! I am pretty self-motivated to see where the next 30 days of fitness will take me! My arms and shoulders are on Fire!! Biceps are screaming – Hey Beautiful! Yeah- using my weights and upping weights as initially planned! I’m very excited to completed this 21 Day Fix Extreme and Hero’s Journey with bang! Today I substituted the HJ with a kick ass weighted cardio, hitting glutes, arms, abs, and legs; a second 30 minutes cant hurt. People in my group are amazed that I can get through the Extreme session let alone add another 30 minute cardio,  walk sprint or fitness class to my workout! I guess they don’t realize the self imposed brutality I put my body through, the appropriate word being conditioning and HIIT I was doing. Talk about Military type fitness training, I did it, not always the fastest or strongest but absolutely beating my scores and reaching to higher levels of  athleticism. I know what I can do and still feel as if I can do ‘more’! I am acquiring the discipline I once had a child and adolescent and it feels amazing! I can’t stop now…

Fit Friday Motivation 





My Gym Goal! Motivated and Inspired!

My Gym Goal! Motivated and Inspired!

Score Board

Date: Thursday – 7-3-15

Program: DAY 821 Day Fix EXTREME Workout Schedule
Plyo Fix EX
30 Minutes = 320 calories burned
Weights= 10lb, 25lb

Program: Hero’s Journey – 2 Days (make up)  30 min= 237 Calories burned 



gratitude givings ♥ #211

I am Thankful to all the Beautiful Alive, Awake and Thriving Beings
Those Knowing of themselves in higher Frequencies of Ascension
and those struggling through the process of Rebirth
I remember You as I remember mySelf
Do not walk in Despair but Certainty
Claim your Greatness
Blossom to Your Gifts
the Wisdom of our Ancient Ancestors
Awaits within Us
Be Kind, Know Truth, and Sow Seeds
for the Many Tribes of Earth’s Children

I see you! in Love and Eternity’

I am Grateful for this Now!

Day 211

UNniverse within quote


gratitude givings ♥ #210

i am grateful

for the education

my ancestors

left behind

“everything is spiritual”

day 210



Rest Day!? ACTIVE Rest Day

Rest Days  – Active Rest Days

Daily Stats:
Workout: Yoga Extreme – Duration: 30 minutes
Ab Core – 10 minutes
Total Calories Burned = 149 (Total Daily Calories : 1108) 


Exhaling! This morning’s Yoga Class was absolutely needed the Upward Dog never felt so good! My back had kinks I didn’t know it could hold. I know, I know, I’ve been focusing so much on getting my multiple workouts completed I realized both physically and intellectually that I HAVE to balance my Yin AND Yang energies simultaneously! I read somewhere while discovering Muur world history that the Shaolin believe in the Balance of Energies in Physical movement as  in all areas of life! To focus too much on the Yang brings imbalance of the Yin, to focus too heavily in the Yin brings imbalance to the Yang and thus imbalance in the Chi (life force) of one’s inner and outer life! That one should study Qigong throughout one’s life for optimal health and well being. I am looking at what programs I want to study and stick with for the next year – 5 years! Allowing myself the inner contemplation to plan and inquire from deep within. What are of focus should I pick back up and complete? What discipline helps to balance my natural energy? How should I ‘honor’ this energy that I was re-incarnated with? Which discipline will truly help me grow – spiritually, physically, intellectually and mentally?


Sometimes in this society where things are so out of balance and seen as fragments, we forget to look from a wholistic-centered way of living. I became so obsessed with my workout routines I neglected my Yoga practice completely. Little by little, I ignored the fundamental and power this duality in fitness can be used to compliment the other  and thus heal the body, mind and spirit. (lesson learned!)

While in the Upward Dog this morning my back remembered to align itself with greater ease and comfort! I was actually sweating in that little 30 minute yoga session!!!! And feeling rather amazing – peaceful, ‘light’ and calm!

I’ve been taking these past 2 days “easy.” Keeping an assertive  journal of my Nutrition and Exercise,  adding ANY notes to include, emotional, physical pathologies, ideas, decrease in performance or improvements. I’ve leaned just how powerful a journal can be when measuring success and failures of a program! If I have a bad day, I admit it, note it and prepare for the next day of victory. I take note of what works and what does not and possible variables as to why!!!

Taking a few days ‘break’ is pretty hard for me! These Sustainability courses are rough and coming from a place of despair and crisis with little optimism of real solution and shift in consciousness. I don’t think this way and so it’s been taxing for me to observe and listen to these scholars lecture from a place of pessimism harboring an outcome of perceived total destruction. I always look to my Ancestors and those before me centuries ago, who knew the secrets of living hand in hand with Nature and using technology appropriately. I always see that there is “A Way” to live and thrive on this planet than take a place of fear of destruction and annihilation.Nevertheless, I am spending this time catching up on these Sustainability classes, cleaning, and visualizing. I’m right on track with my nutrition and considering adding a 1 small Ab workout!;-) (i cant help myself!!)

I am looking forward to the next 30 Days of Greatness!






gratitude givings ♥ #209

I am grateful for

this Creativity

Day 209



Letters spelling thankful

Letters spelling thankful

Day30 ♥ of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

Congrats for COMPLETING the 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

Consistency is Key!

I’m teaching myself this valuable lesson among other habits. 😉 

Today the 28th, Tuesday, I am filled with images of Cycles, Completion, Tuesdays, the God Ogun fierce Warrior over Chaos, Adversity, and Untruths! So much around us need to be restored to proper natural balance, transparency, empowered simplicity, and truth for ALL to prosper and thrive in harmony with Nature and the Cosmos. I am still in love with these ideals in spirit, soul and human form.

What a journey these past few weeks have been, so much beautiful change. Not only physical gains but emotional, spiritual, mental, intellectual changes, shifts and transitions – small deaths and rebirths, releasing, letting go and realizing, empowering and aligning with greater energies and truths.

This morning, I was up at 4 am in meditation and contemplation. My Fitness journey doesn’t end today of course this is just a milestone on the path of greater physical spiritual wholistic wellness.  I am in the early days of the 21 Day Fix Extreme program. Being on a mostly Vegetarian and Vegan nutrition plan has been different for me. I found snapshots of my nutrition journal yesterday and was amazed at what I was eating in 2013 and 2014! But glad I had these journals to assess my stats and variables. My new journal entries are detailed and precise. I am Loving this Energy I am cultivating. And READY for my next milestone! Here’s to the Fit Warriors, the Love Warriors, the Nature Warriors, the Art Warriors, the Health Warriors, and everyone in between! 











My Body is on Fire and I am thankful (smiling). Motivation and Inspiration for our Fitness Family 









Hero’s Journey – One More Time (Planks ! ) 





gratitude givings ♥ #208

I am Grateful

for Cycles of Completion

for Greater Awareness

Seeing Truth and Falsehoods

Recognizing and Resurrecting Inner Power

For Ancestors and Gods we love

And the Consciousness to Know the Difference

Day 208



Day29 ♥ Hero’s Journey + 21 Day Fix Extreme – Monday Motivation!

Happy Day 29 ♥ – Cardio, Upper Body and Abs! 

Yeah almost at Day 30 of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge! Very excited for this completion and ready for the next 30 days (wink). The Hero’s Journey last a total of 60 Days and the 21 Day Fix Extreme (Beachbody program) lasts another 16 ? days! NO  WAY I’m stopping now, my birthday is coming up! (smile). I’m keeping a great journal  of my daily Fitness and Nutrition stats and hitting my Caloric goals. Leaning out and toning up before going back to lifting! yeah!!!

Happy Monday Motivation! 














gratitude givings ♥ #207

I am grateful

for sharing time with Family

the Goddess Sekhmet in Me

the Goddess Oshun

Mother Ast, the Divine Mother Mary

Dark Matter and Rising Sun

our cosmic journey


Day 207



Day28 ♥ Happy SUNday! – Leg Day & Ab Work

Leg Day done! I”m ready for this Ab routine!! I’m drenched in sweat! ♥ I love working out in the early morning. The rest of my day is mine!;-)

Yesterday I had to sleep extra hours which is probably just ‘normal’ sleep cycle to recover from these routines. But I’m not complaining. I ran my dog who I call Anpu who is usually feisty, bull headed and brazen for his miniature size. About 2 hills away from home I turn to speak to someone and notice he is stretched out tongue sideways out of his tiny mouth under a tree completely stuck from further movement. I was blown away! “Come on little man, we got 2 more hills to sprint! We can do this!” It was 11 ish am and the Southern Sun was in full swing. I made a mental note to NEVER EVER attempt to run after 11 am in the South, it’s brutal. But I’m sure I got all the Super Melinated Vitamin D energy transmission and intra-cellular synthesis. Because when I woke up from sleep I was no longer sore!!! Yeah, MORE WORK to the Next Level We go! ♥


Leg Day done! I”m ready for this Ab routine!! 


Have a Beautiful Day Fit Family! ♥



Day  28 ♥ Hero’s Journey – Under the Stars