With all the stuff going on in our world it’s easy to get overwhelmed, stay on tasks with deadlines, projects, exercise practices and routines, family and friends. But it’s a must to stay centered, spiritual and empowered! Sometimes a dose of “the Love Feeling” is exactly what you need to stay in that higher vibration space. The “love feeling” can be stimulated by acts of kindness, a walk in nature, forms of exercise, quality sex, yoga, and even laughter. Perhaps creating art where you are not in judgment of yourself or your work but connecting to a deeper side of your self is the answer. Or giving for the sake of giving and other acts of kindness without recognition may spark and activate feeling satisfied within.

tumblr_n3h0u307FD1trqkmoo1_500Do something today that will empower yourself by empowering others: 

  • Give a compliment and really mean it, or offer some form of wisdom and advice.
  • Perhaps you have some extra money for charity or donation to give to something you believe in and want to support.
  • Send an email or card to someone in your family, or a lover or friend to show you appreciate them.
  • Volunteer your time to an organization in your community.
  • Tell someone “I Love You” from the Heart.
  • Spend time outdoors in Nature.
  • Give your loved one(s) a hug!
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes and work up a sweat!
  • Hug yourself for 100% effort and focus on your Goals!
  • Give yourself a bubble bath or purchase a massage.
  • Spend some time alone in meditation.
  • Speak words that heal, empower and send love!

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