Nothing feels more powerful than starting your rising with breathing, intention and Yoga! Surya Namaskara Sun Salutations  helps to balance out my emotions, bringing clarity and aiding in my spiritual development. What I bring to the mat I can release on the mat and rejuvenate myself with higher vibrations, inner joy and empowerment.


Benefits of Practicing Sun Salutation 

1. Turning your Focus inward into your Body and strengthening the Breath – Improving Circulation

2. Strengthening the Digestive System -Digestive Organs

3. Stimulates the Glands

4. Improves Lungs and Respiratory System

5. Relaxes the Central Nervous System against stress and anxiety

6. Increases libido and sexual function including Reproductive System

7. Decreases Kidney issues and restores balance

8. Strengthens Immunity

9. Increases flexibility and youthfulness

10. Keeps you physically strong and mentally agile


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