What do Vegan’s eat?

Veggies, fruits, some legumes, or grains, lots of raw juices and smoothies, some sweets on occasion! 

lil_greenmonster_juiceFor my comfort food cravings, I made a spaghetti meatless pasta to die for. Quick, easy, and sooo tasty! Hmmm I had “Fish” tacos, Okra Gumbo with black rice and avocado, hhmm for breakfast I made raw vegan “pankcakes” (coconut and flax seed with homemade berry syrup), another day, I prepped chia seeds and had a mango, pineapple, cherry chia pudding (that was delicious!!). Another morning, I had scrambled non-gmo “V-eggs”  with greens and avocado! Ohh my gosh, homemade Almond Milk, the BEST Ever!!!!! I’m bent on NEVER buying store bought almond milk again!

Here are a few pics of my vegan journal, thus far!

Cheers and Bliss! ~ Ria Sweetraw 






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