It’s been a while! Ive been on my Vegan, Natural Vegetarian and Raw Food nutrition!! Doing alot of internal alchemy as well. No Coffee (which was my only real vice!!!) And not much sugar accept for a Chai Tea here and there and dried berries which can contain quite a bit of sugar. ( I have by eyes on that!)

what-im-looking-for-is-within-meThis morning .well I havent slept yet! I was up working on a web development project..the time just flew by way too fast. I have a problem with stopping and just getting some rest, I want to keep going lol .. Since I watched the Sun come up between keystrokes and edits. I figured I could get my 1st Workout for the day, a 300 calorie burn HIIT program. YES!!!

motivational_quotes_17I feel sore from the other day already but somewhat satisfied. Increasing intensity is my immediate goal. Being Vegan and working out feels amazing! My first week was pretty tough transitioning from fish and eggs and dairy, I made my Sun breakfast with eggs and sausage while I had an organic non -gmo tofu scramble! And didnt miss any of it! I’m feeling lighter but grounded with enough fat to burn in the right places!

On the strict alkaline diet my menses have been lighter! I feel great! Focused, clear minded and energetic!!! Okay gotta fly, and whip up a Green Monster. I plan to do another workout before sunset!

Have a Beautiful Fit Friday! Make Gains!!! xo 
Ria Sweetraw 

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