A Little Motivation with Anthony Robbins “Awakening the Giant Within”

anthony_robbins_quotesI’m big on details, perhaps my design career has taught me this skill of seeing! Realizing the bigger picture and yet focusing the mind on the details; the crossing of dots, or closing up of extra spaces, adjusting the type just so it better appeals to the eye.  Looking closely at the small things in appreciation- maybe that came from years of Yoga practice–breathing into the Lotus position or downward dog. Learning to smile within, maybe that was from Qigong.. Learning to cultivate happiness and feelings of content is an art form. This flows into your life after the years of resistance and unfruitful thinking allowing you to be at ease and yes!-flow WITH life not against the current.  Maybe it’s the Indigenous spirit in my soul that allows me to reawaken and perceive the same scenario in an entirely new way, one that picks up on the synchronicities and beautiful mysticism of the mundane.

Here’s to the Eagle and the Thunder shower, the Bright Sun and the Lightening!  I see you! (Native American Totem Wisdom)

~ xoxo Ria 



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