8ae03fd5fefabf023286367157c6a5ddAnytime, Anywhere, Anyplace Fitness, sounds more like a marketing tag line but this afternoon it was a new innerstanding to the spontaneous adventurous side exercise and fitness can bestow! These are the moments I smile at being a Sagittarius – the spontaneous athletic side allows herself full form of expression. When this natural urge takes root  my ankle-length skirt comes off, exposing  my biker shorts, and I’m ready to get my fitness on!

Waiting for my daughter’s Economic’s tutoring class to end I noticed a medium build guy in a bright yellow shirt and camel back pacing himself around the school. When I returned to pick up my daughter an hour later he was still at it walking then running up and down the hills. Ahh I thought to myself, I need to be doing that! So I did…

Stress as a Fitness Trigger!

I had just received some seemingly daunting news and since I neither drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes to relieve stress I opted for a run! Took off my ankle length hippy skirt (thank goodness I was already wearing those five-toe athletic shoes – yes, I was in full black girl hippy mode today running my errands) – and figured what better time than RIGHT NOW! Let me “Get it in,”  tucked my drivers’s licence and credit cards in my sports bra, stretched  my hammies and quads, put in some standing squats and started a nice-paced jog.

I can honestly admit I have come a looooong way in the last year and a half with my  fitness! One dip around the school was hardly difficult but by the time I was mentally geared up for a 2nd stretch my daughter was ready to board the truck and get on with the day! I was even shocked I was not winded or tired physically or mentally.  I ran track as a kid in my earlier years in middle school and high school  before devoting my practice to the vocal music and dance arts. And the irony is the older I get (wink) I want athletics even more in my life and daily routine, without it I feel lethargic, nervous, bored or even moody! Uhh maybe that is a Sagittarius “thing” but,  I realize no matter what life brings, exercise aka fitness  is a friendly constant that remains true and deserving. (smile)

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace Fitness is being open and prepared for the more adventurous spontaneous side of fitness and exercise! ~ Ria



florence_griffith_joyner_1988_09_29 (1)

Famous Sagittarius Athlete, the Late FloJo, Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner , b. December 21, 1959, d. September 21, 1998. Olympic Track and Field Gold Medalist.

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