“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” ― Jacques-Yves Cousteau




Watch Fuel! The Movie now on http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/fuel

Watch Fuel! The Movie now on http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/fuel

What I’m watching today, my list on this day off: (Exercise and Dance!, Studies: Introduction to Sustainability ( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),  Introduction to Sustainable Development (Columbia University), Fundamentals of UX Design, Poetry (yes, Ive been writing alot lately!), Mod and Contemporary Poetry (University of Pennsylvania), hmmm what else? (smiling) using this Brain of mine rather than sit around and watch hours of cable. I can admit I wasn’t into Scandal like everyone else for years I was too concerned finding ways to ‘mentally’ resolve our human environmental crisis ! I can honestly admit that I just got turned onto Scandal last month and went on a Scandal Watch Fest where I devoured every episode and season in less than a week! Shamelessly,  since then, Iv’e tuned back into more brainier and logical fact finding activities and studies where expansion of consciousness reigns supreme! Haha! I do love Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes! I am a movie junkie or depending on your perspective du jour, a movie connoisseur! I just saw No Good Deed, staring Idris Elba, who in my opinion would absolutely make a sexy James Bond!  (Clearing throat!)

As I’m re-watching, Fuel! The Movie,  my mind jumped to a news bite I had heard sometime last week about the Savannah River. The reporter had warned Augusta citizens not to swim or fish in the river due to contamination showing a very disturbing picture of what looked like something out of a sad toxic Louisiana waterway or some BP Oil Spill aftermath! I had meant to look it up and find time to research this further. It was an area of concern I had since moving here a year and few moths ago to be near my parents. Not that I had plans on staying here long-term but I still had concerns about the strange environment in the Garden State, Georgia’s 2nd largest city and home to the annual Masters Golf competition showcasing the most famous golfers in the world including Tiger Woods! Yet for those living here in this city  that made me shut my windows on these warm Summer evenings due to strange gaseous  smells that stink the air and after stumbling upon what appeared to be ‘toxic’ plants I had yet to understand, one owned by Proctor and Gamble in the middle of residential neighborhood paired with a Juvenile Detention Center, the whole ride back home spat out an eerie ominous chill through my bones as I sealed the windows shut from the stench in the air.

507552132In the gym, I had met many exercise practitioners who had suffered a host of illnesses and diagnosis

and I wondered if these environmental “toxins” in the town further fueled these ‘group’ symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, headaches, nutritional deficiencies, etc.  that we all had in common. In my short year here in Augusta, I had never had such joint pain in my life! And never suffered from headaches! I knew something was up. My mother had all to often complained about the ‘toxic air’ and I realized this was an area that proved here theories of foul play. Still I didnt expect to wake up this morning to discover most of my  logical theories would be proven with undeniable environmental and scientific facts! As I continue to share and write there is a part of me blown away in disbelief. I have often felt very alone in my ideas of natural health and living  when I worked at Morris Publications I didnt seem to fit into their Ole South corporate culture and my fears about this town’s toxic secrets felt more like yet another conspiracy theory rather than the country’s ranked fact etched on Georgia’s Research and Policy Center list!




“Inspectors with the Georgia Environmental Protection agency took samples for testing on Sunday. This is the second time in three months an oil like substance was found floating in the river. Back in June, inspectors were called out to determine what a substance was floating in the river. For now, Georgia EPD inspectors are trying to find out where and how the substance got into the water. ” HD 12 News, Ryan Houston, “Savannah River, 3rd Most Toxic in the nation..” Photo Courtesy.


No Swim Order (Sept 14, 2014) Augusta, GA – The Augusta Fire Department and the Augusta-Richmond County Emergency Management Agency have released a “Do Not Swim Order” for the Savannah River. Photo Courtesy: wrdw.com.

Still I had yet to do the research to prove my ‘intutional’  claims other than today stumbling upon some VERY ALARMING facts that indeed the Savannah River is not only toxic but ranked the 4th Toxic Waterways in the United States (2009)!

With more than 7.6 million pounds of toxic chemicals flowing into its waters in 2007, the Savannah River has the fourth-highest toxic discharge in the country, according to a report released Wednesday by the nonprofit Environment Georgia.

“The Savannah River is far and away the most polluted in the state and the fourth most polluted in the country,” said Jennette Gayer of Environment Georgia.

(Landers, Mary. “Savannah River fourth most polluted in nation.” SavannahNow.com. October, 22, 2009. Read Full Article: http://bit.ly/1tVzXd0.)

As of 2014, it’s ranked at the “3rd most Toxic waterway in the country” according to Georgia’s Research and Policy Center!



“We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.”Arne Tiselius

Fuel! The Movie

FuelEleven years in the making, FUEL is the in-depth personal journey of filmmaker and eco-evangelist Josh Ticknell, who takes us on a hip, fast-paced road trip into America’s dependence on foreign oil. Combining a history lesson of the US auto and petroleum industries and interviews with a wide range of policy makers, educators, and activists such as Woody Harrelson, Sheryl Crow, Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Animated by powerful graphics, FUEL looks into our future offering hope via a wide-range of renewable energy and bio-fuels. Winner of the Sundance Audience Award. (resource: Snag Films)

Watch Pump! The Movie now on http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/fuel



Radioactive Turtles from Deadly Savannah River Toxic Waters



Read excerpt from A Green Road Project Blogspot:

According to the article; Human Health Problems at Two of the Most Polluted Places on Earth, the Savannah River Site in South Carolina is an 802 square kilometer complex that has been severely polluted by five decades of Nuclear Weapons production. It is now rated as one of the top ten most polluted and toxic places on the planet.

Top ten most radioactive places on earth

Ten most toxic places on Earth

Up to 100 million curies of tritium were released from over the decades, contaminating the region’s drinking water. 490 million Curies of liquid high level radioactive Y-/vats are stored in underground tanks. [7] Near the Savannah River Site, the death rate is 19.8% above normal, largely from heart disease and cancer; both are associated with ionizing radiation.”
According to the video source description above “at the Savannah River Department of Energy site near Aiken, South Carolina, USA, a 300-square-mile complex of streams, ponds, nuclear reactors, reprocessing units and barbed wire in the pine woods on the South Carolina-Georgia border, everything from the deer and ducks to the collard greens shows traces of radiation.
Swimming through the ponds into which the Energy Department has dumped billions of gallons of contaminated water over a period of 30 years are turtles, which absorb radioactive tritium, strontium and cesium in their shells and flesh. The radioactivity will outlive the turtle by decades. What about other animals that use these contaminated ponds for drinking water?

Pump! the Movie! 

112977-pump-movie-that-will-change-your-attitude-about-fuel-forever.2-lgI got this Tweet sometime last week and thought I was watching it (Fuel the movies!) haha This movie is releasing and showing in New York and LA, here is a short synopis from IMDb:
A documentary that tells the story of America’s addiction to oil, from its corporate conspiracy beginnings to its current monopoly today, and explains clearly and simply how we can end it – and finally win choice at the pump.


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