The Cycle Challenge

One of my ‘friends’ boasted that she had a “Beast” of a workout  which caught my attention. I had just gained an extra 5 pounds in muscle but was still bothered by the natural weight gain and realizing I needed to even my numbers out to keep my 1lb in the negative so I would not put on unnecessary fat. It’s simple math, every so I had to have -500 that equaled to -1500 weekly to maintain my fitness goal.

Photo provided by Ipsos Girls’ Lounge

HIIT training, Zumba, Crossfit, African Dance, Running or walking the Treadmill, ohh and Swimming, preferably the Butterfly and Freestyle would do the magic. But when I heard the “Beast It” comments and feedback I got interested. I had never had a Spin Class and wondered why so many people filled the classes so early in the morning.  I had witnessed this on Connecticut Ave at Sport and Health (Washington, DC) and Quantum Fitness (Evans, Georgia) but still never got interested enough to try a class. Until my mother pulls out a paper copy from Prevention magazine of a woman who transformed her life with SoulCycle.

The SoulCycle Phenomenon

Soulcycle DC

Patch archive photo from Rye Patch

At first I laughed, SoulCycle, hmm like Organic Soul, like Whole Foods, like Yoga? Really, cycling and dancing to music playlists, with candles and Namaste salutations? Come On. Then I saw the clothing line, hmmm, I thought. I had to investigate so I went to Youtube!

Practically growing up in DC and attending High School in Georgetown, an Ellington Alum, it’s absolutely a must-try I would have skipped class for even today! Especially now, blow off over 500 Calories a class? Ohh Yeah! Count me in!

SoulCyle is reported by NYMag as being the “indoor-cycling company-cum-fitness-phenomenon”, intro classes starting at $20 and regular classes $34  most studios are in upper mobile cities like NYC, Long Island (The Hamptons), San Francisco, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Southern and Northern California and now Washington, DC.  DC is joining the phenomena opening the capitols first SoulCycle, with its Georgetown location, opening in August according to the Georgetowner.


Kelley of Regis boasts of her slim physique and feel good attitude


Cycle Class is for the most part not created equal.

My recent visit to a local Y featuring a Cycle Class started off with the instructor glaring, “this class will be following the National Sports and Medicine Guidelines, the YMCA Guidelines, There will be no hip hop, no weights, no rocking back and forth, no dancing…we’re keeping it clean as of this week!” Ahh I thought I had just missed the fun!  I suffered literally through the 45 minute class without knowledge of adjusting my seat and other how to’s the instructor should or rather could have instructed and offered even prior to the start of class. I told a friend that I would never want to start my fitness day in a dark room on a bike cycling fast to the less than enthusiastic tunes of  John Legend’s “Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you ,You’re my end and my beginning, Even when I lose I’m winning” uhhh really? this was as good as it got and my sore ass hobbled out of class as fast as I could, that was after the instructor blasted literally adjusting her microphone, “I didnt know you didnt know what you were doing, I just thought you was sore from your Training.” If there had been a video camera I would have faced it, paused, and yelled “oh come on, people!”

Im sure Cycle Class is much better than the one I was introduced to at the  Y that day. I was also invited to a class that is supposed to be the BEST cycle class in Augusta! Full of good music, athletic comradery, and SWEAT! sounds like my cup of fitness flavor! 


A typical Spinning Class (indoor cycling class)

unnamed (2)

Photo. Ria Takharu. July 2014. Cycle Class.


  • Instructor fits you to bike, makes adjustments
  • Can use a seat pad or shorts with bike pad for comfortably
  • Warm up 2-5 minutes
  • Sprints, Climbs, Cool Downs led by Instructor
  • Adjust Resistance knob for intensity and ease
  • Instructor Coaching
  • Singing to Music
  • Deep Breathing
  • Increased Heart Rate, Cardio Aerobic Workout
  • Water to hydrate
  • Can burn 358 to 715 Calories in one 45 minute class



What to Expect from a Spinn Class




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