Motivation Mondays! Balancing Self in this Real World! Stay Focused and Manifest Your Goals!!! 

I have a ‘ton’ of articles I’ve written for this blog, was working a few last night before my Sun interrupted me with Tumblr and CNN live footage from Ferguson! I was overwhelmed feeling Ive been purposefully in my own little bubble, ignoring the realities of the very real problems we face in this country today. So many of us are finally awakening, and still more are coming to the realization that we are not separated but rather connected (kinnected) on this planet on so many public and global issues and crisis. The truth is we have all the solutions we need to resolve all of our current ‘problems’.  What seems frightening for me is to see that the social problems in our country just may be set off by incidents like this Ferguson. We never know how and when real change transpires, we are all witnessing it today and making choices from within our selves. Stay your course, know yourself, be sensitive to the truth and have courage to stand for what is right for the betterment of all. 


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My Training Weekend

Saturday, I had the Pleasure of Doing an Insane Abs Workout at Champion Fitness! There after, I had an impromptu Training Session with an elder who trained the “Guru Abs Trainer” and whom everyone calls “The Trainer’s Trainer”. I was assessed, challenged, evaluated to some degree, and trained to my outer limits! By 2pm I literally ate, showered and crawled into bed! The Guys and Gals over at Champion are true SuperHero Champions indeed! Much Love and Respect!

~ xo Ria 


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