I know, I know, Im preaching to the choir! WE know all about Eating Right and Eating Clean, so we have the proper nutrients and hormone levels to get the most out of our Training, Bodies and Mental Health, right? We know that the glow of our skin, nails, and Hair depend on our right eating choices and combinations. WE know that getting exercise is important to our wellness and that being Fit is our short term and long term goal.

I had the privilege yesterday of meeting a man almost 70 years old. I would often stop my training to admire him on some machine, mostly doing push-ups with ease and a kind of strength my eyes squinting in disbelief. Yesterday in fact before meeting him he did god-knows -how many Parallel Bar Knee Hip Raises, slowly crunching his abs. I watched him, studying his form, precision and the deliberate strength he was acquiring. His eyes glowed with a sense of accomplishment and he had this kind of swag in his country blue overalls with his muscles popping out of his shirt. I was standing with my Killer Ab crew, Sharon, being one of the most extroverted of the group, introduced me to Mr. Harry. She later told me he had been diagnosed with several diseases one being Diabetes and had been prescribed several kinds of medications to which he rejected. She said he told the doctor “no way” and started working out and changed his diet. So much so that his routine visit for a checkup completely reversed his condition warranting no medication or diagnosis of any disease.  Many in the group told their stories of high blood pressure, or hypertension, sleep apnea, obesity, etc and how they were transforming these diagnosis and gaining back their natural health. I was inspired by them, their stories and their incredible empowering journeys.

So Im late the gym ( Arms Abs Cardio!!) Happy FIT Friday Fit Family! xo Ria

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