Empower: The UnHealthy Truth, Why Organic Matters


One of my favorite Natural Hair bloggers is a Sister who’s curl pattern is much like mine and my daughters, Naptural85. She’s honest, clear spoken, an introvert and has the best natural hair remedies I seem to relate to organically, holistically and somehow spiritually. For me that’s a big deal, down to earth, athlete turned glam goddess is in my eyes a powerful mix. Today I finally got a chance to visit her blog and found this video on healthy eating and the organic lifestyle, which brought me to her book review, The Unhealthy Truth, by author Robyn Obrien.

organictweetSynchronistically, I noticed a tweet I had received today at 9am, while I was making cucumber filtered water for my post Leg Day workout. A response from a doctor “concerned” that I would not give my daughter the HPV vaccine, thinking her immune system was strong enough already as  I posted in an earlier tweet.  Sighing!  I can only say that had I been ‘more’ savvy and educated I would have not vaccinated ANY of my children! Even though I had raised them all on “natural” and “organic” foods and remedies I regret some of the parental choices I made following the status quo. One has to only look at “us” now to see that “we” are not going in the right direction in health or agriculture that will benefit generations of our children’s children or our environment.

The truth is Health care is a business and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) benefit from this “Sick” Care business, not Health Care Industry. The statistics are daunting, depressive and outrageous! America has more prisons and the highest cases of cancer than any nation on this planet. Surely there is a correlation here, if not a base spiritual one.  We’ve come from a war on drugs, to a war on international trade policy, to war on living wage, to war on the quality of life, war on soil, war on water, war on seed, war on food? When did this happen? and why have we allowed this to happen to ourselves and to our children?

1512379_10152462966413206_1131126574_nThe Corn that was once sacred to Native, Indigenous, African and Celtic world tribes alike is now genetically modified via its DNA to include an insecticide gene. If we could remember that our food is our medicine and that first Hippocratic oath is to do no harm, many would not see “organic’ as a fad, or hippy, or some neo-quasi quackery. The real quackery is the whole charade of pill pushing and not healing the sick, and knowingly causing the sickness in the first place,via depressing one’s natural immune system. Am I the only one who shrinks when a new wonder drug graces our commercial waves, in the seconds of air time and great images, only to follow with, “use of this drug may cause, kidney failure, inflammation, heart attack, cancer, respiratory illness…” Who would ask for this drug with these many side effects, its deadly, I think but perhaps I think alone.

I have often asked myself and others, when did planting an organic garden become so revolutionary? –something so natural, so simple and so healing to the community, our families and our world.

These are some of the things I am so passionate about! So inform yourself and empower yourself.

“Live long and prosper” ~ Vulcan Salute, Mr. Spock, Star Trek

 ~xo Ria 



Eating Well and Organic Living! The Unhealthy Truth Review



TEDxMileHigh – Robyn O’Brien – Patriotism on a Plate


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