motivation mondays! Fitness, Happiness, Love!

It’s been a busy weekend!

Lots of recipes, lots of  laughs, so much learning! Here’s to rediscovering yourself!! Moving past fears and illusions and embracing the greatest love of all 😉

I’m so grateful for the small things:

1. Watching my Sun wake up and Vitamix himself (and me) a GREEN Fruit Smoothie for breakfast! (some things ive done ‘have’ stuck with my kids..yeah Mom!)

2. Learning with my Daughter what it is She wants to pursue post High School graduation! music to my ears

3. Smash this next Workout (even though Im sore as $#@&)

4. Learning the “C”urve of my Coil, the Kink in my Spiral and the How-To’s of My Natural Wave Pattern, such a beautiful thang!

5. so Grateful for my for my Family+Friends!

6. Truth that exist above the none-sense! (exhale) this is True Love!

you-earn-your-body1 tumblr_mht5hlFwXa1s39eoto1_500 tumblr_lxrw979zom1r5hg0ho1_500 got-hot girl-gym-motivation-nike Power-of-Gratitude



The Healing Flow of Real Talk

Ended Saturday’s workout simply sharing with a Brother!

Sometimes an initial “Are you single”, is an invitation to simply be ‘real’ and heal through conversation! 

Power-of-GratitudeI have long recognized my innate healing abilities. I find that many are drawn to my energy and feel comfortable enough to spill out their deepest truths. Sometimes pain, sometimes grievances, often a simple powerful need to release and connect with someone outside of Self who can not only relate but offer some wisdom and truths into the depths and meaning of life and love.

So thankful i was able to help, heal and reflect with a brother this weekend. No thing romantic, something powerfully human and full of grace!

Thank you, thank you ,thank you!
xo Ria