Day: August 8, 2014

Speak Love into Your WATER!

If you think Words dont have power, think again. Simple words of kindness and love generate healing vibrations into the atmosphere and within the body. In fact, words like “I Love You” form beautiful crystalline geometric structures in water while words like “you are ugly” form muddled dark blobs. Ever been drawn to someone only to find that that person is so cheerful and … Read More Speak Love into Your WATER!

Music: Fitness Grooves!

A Tribe Called Red Ha! I love working out to powerful music, Im usually the petite girl finding my space at the bench repping up in sequence to often loud ‘manly’ music or sexy I-am-woman anthems. Headphones,  iron and plyometric ready.  If im not stretching to music, or in a HIIT or Circuit training with music,  Im dancing to Music! It’s an important part of … Read More Music: Fitness Grooves!

Be Fit Fridays!

Motivate, Motivate, Motivate!  Everyday is Motivation Day! I meant to post this pic yesterday while on base..great message!! Are “you” strong enough? (big kitty smile!) Of course you are!

Listening to Your Body, Mind and Soul

I’ve been “under” the weather lately, and really not knowing how to blog about it! I saw someone post on facebook that we must be like water and learn to ‘flow with’ life and it truly struck me that was a wise lesson to embrace during times when life throws you drastic movement and change. Coincidentally, I was also on my ‘flow’ and just … Read More Listening to Your Body, Mind and Soul

Knowledge ‘is’ Power, Empower YourSelf, Educate YourSelf!

Knowledge ‘is’ power and the first steps of becoming Fit is changing your thoughts on eating, health and wellness. As you increase your mind power, your body will follow. Being “Fit” is a beautiful lifestyle! As I began to open my eyes and listen to my innerself about what was ‘best’ for ‘me’ and my family, natural healing books, vegetarian and vegan cook books, and … Read More Knowledge ‘is’ Power, Empower YourSelf, Educate YourSelf!

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