spiritual: the power of awareness

hummingbird medicine

There are many things in this life that can be a true distraction to our progress. Not only do we have to tend with our daily survival and adult obligations, sometimes we are so filled with our ‘goal’ we forget that balance truly is key and we are the ultimate key to our own happiness, success or challenge.  The trick is to remain open to greater forms of awareness, to see not only our duties, commitments and the responses wrapped in those forms of communication and social play, but to breathe deep enough so that we see beyond the normal scope of vision. It is beyond this normal lens that we can begin to soak in the beauty and wonder of this world and thus play in the co-creative magic of our lives. SONY DSC

Yesterday, in the midst of family drama I walked away  to the front door only to meet a tiny iridescent hummingbird. Now, to the average person, it would just be a hummingbird stopping its search for nectar to peer over an empty porch. But me being the creative that I’ve always been since childhood, have a very different way of seeing the world, life and philosophies. The grace of this hummingbird brought with it much more than any mundane sighting. For me, this tiny winged creature brought a slow breath, a deep pause, an instant smile and rush of gratitude, inner warmth, soulful fulfilling transcendence, and a key to balance of mind, body and spirit. I was lit up like a child inside, feeling light, doubtless, thankful and simultaneously fed as if I had gone to any church sermon by T.D. Jakes preaching how to receive happiness, love or gratitude. This was instant, magnetic, and in many ways “royal”v form of  blessing. My Mother simply said, oh its just a hummingbird. The truth is,  there is a thin line any “enlightened” being has with the relationships of ‘things’ on this planet. Relationships arent just what they appear to be on the surface, they are all of  that plus the hidden, silent, healing aspects of dynamic energy. I see very much like that of a shaman, innocent child, enlightened soul, or wise woman, even ancient old one (laughing at the old reference). When I meet a person I say “hmm what have we learned together, what have we exchanged, what have we healed from?” and for this I am deeply grateful and my heart is stronger in alignment and deeper love for all on this planet.

Just as my dreams provide useful information to my waking life, awareness during my day provides clues and confirmation in a very sacred way of communication with the energy of  my life and this planet. Just as our indigenous brothers and sisters are able to see that our animal and plant kingdoms are merely extensions of our human selves. I too see with this kind of cosmic consciousness and eye. This eye or rather “I” is in balance with ‘We’ ,extended out from the Self to others, animals, nature in an interdependent, inclusive form of reference.  It is from this center point that I can  align myself correctly and feel empowered with greater strength beyond the physical body offering true kindness, genuine unconditional love, and infinite forms of happiness and gratitude no matter what life throws at me.

This Hummingbird ‘medicine’ brought such an instantaneous healing magnetism, that I was able to feel, transmute and most importantly give to those who were, in that very moment in  time, in need of greater emotional healing, love and balance. I guess I was merely a channel or conduit for this to happen. (smiling) So thankful for “Awareness”

xo ~Ria Sweetraw


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