Happy MoonDay! Active Rest Days….(hmmmm)

Another Active Rest Day on this Live Fit program, its only Day 15 so thank God/dess tomorrow is Leg Day and I have weights to contend with. For my “Active” Rest Day which would count 3 Days so far I spent 2 days doing some Home Gym stretching and body weight routines…ohh and dance! Hope you’re getting FIT in. Here was my am workout! Thanks Neila Rey:


1. Warm UP Workout (2 Sets)

2. Lower Back Workout   (2 Sets)

3. Burpee Challenge – Day 2 =  (20 Reps)

4. Power Abs Workout  (5 Sets)

5.  Wonder Woman Workout (2 Sets)


Warm Up (2 Sets) 

Neck Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Shoulder Stretch

Dynamic Chest Stretch
Mid Back Turns
Knee Circles
Hip Circles
Toe Touches

Lower Back Workout (2 Sets)

Bottom to Heels Stretch (10 Reps)
Opposite Arm/Leg Raises (10 Reps)
Back Extensions (10 Reps)
Bridges (10 Reps)
Knee Rolls (10 Reps)


Power Abs Workout (5 Sets)

Windshield Wipers (20 Reps)
Butt Ups (10 Reps)
Side Bridges (20 Reps)
Knee Crunches (10 Reps)
Full Sit-Ups (10 Reps)
20 Russian Twists /Sitting Twists (20 Reps)
Knee to elbow Sit-Ups (10 Reps)
Plank Leg Rolls (10 Reps)
Climbers /Mountain Climbers (20 Reps)

Wonder Woman Workout (2-5 Sets)

Knee to Elbow (40 Reps)
Bodyweight Squats (20 Reps)
Mountain Climbers (20 Reps)
Plank w/Rotations (10 Reps)
Elbow Planks (20 Reps)
Deep Lunges (20 Reps)
Push-Ups (10 Reps)
Sit-Ups (10 Reps)
Sitting Cross Punches (20 Reps)




































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