“Do not eat food robbed of its life-giving elements.”

“Nine out of every ten could get well if they would use simple Godfarmacy-given means.” — Jethro Kloss, Back to Eden.



51ZN91DAKWL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_One of the very first Natural Health books I ever bought was, Jethro Kloss’ Back to Eden and Michael Tierra’s, The Way of Herbs.  I believe I got it from either P Street  Naturally Yours, or what was Pyramid Bookstore, back in the day in Washington, DC. It was the early 90s.  I had ‘healed’ myself from most of my childhood ailments like eczema, bronchial problems,and  allergies to name a few.


Deep down I knew without conviction that the human body could, provided it had the right nutrients, re-balance  itself into wholeness. I knew that if we only at the right foods we could help cure ourselves. I believed that Mother Earth had within its vast ecological system a library older than man himself plentiful, powerful and to cure ANY man-made ailment, crisis, or disaster. The Earth, I thought intuitively, could Heal Herself. And if the Earth could heal itself,  the Human body could follow this same principle of rejuvenation and return to balance.  I was drawn to Natural Healing and found Back to Eden a  great introduction into the world of health, balance and alternative to living.  I used these books to study Naturopathy,  Herbal Healing, Asian healing philosophies, vegetarian food recipes, and ways to live “with” Mother Earth.


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