photo credit. c. 2014. national geographic.

1. Build Strong Core Muscles: Try Plank variations such as Runner Plank, Alt/Side Plank, Basu Ball Planks ,Plank Arm Leg Raises

2. Stretch: Static stretches including hip flexors

3. Practice Striders: Warm up or practice with Sprints to improve speed and technique

4. Switch up your Training:  Choose HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) then Interval Training

5. Practice Form: Study correct running form, feet, arms, hand positions, etc

6. Fartleks: Play with speed while pacing yourself to build strength and endurance

7.  Stride Turnover: Count your steps

8. Learn to Breathe: Use mouth and nostril deep fast rhythmic breathing drawing air up into the lungs

9. Keep Your Focus: Your Eyes and Head should be up and looking forward

10. Running Hills or Incline Running! 

One Comment on “10 Ways to Increase Your Run Time

  1. This is quite interesting. Could you develop a bit the fartleks ? maybe give some example ? I am working now on increasing speed and doing 6 out 10 steps you mentioned but I have no or little knowledge on fartleks.


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