You’ve seen the quote “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw, well, what if the saying goes,  Life is about Creating Yourself AND Challenging Yourself?~ Ria Sweetraw Takharu

AlthoQuote_120507ugh Ive been an example of living a healthy lifestyle for over 25 years, I have, like many delved into various levels of nutrition, alternative health modalities, and aspects of fitness. So technically, Ive lived a healthy lifestyle, but the question of being fit is something very different.  One can be healthy by being active 30 minutes a day with exercise,  running or walking. Staying healthy is eating the right food choices, getting the right amount of nutrients to support healthy body function, getting good rest and sleep each day, and getting in daily exercise to raise your heart  rate level. Simple, right? Being fit however is something very different.  In my opinion, choosing to Be Fit is committing to a weekly exercise program 3-5 days per week for 30 minutes to 1 hour, following nutritional menus that support your fitness goals, and measuring your results through strength, endurance,agility and aesthetic transformation.

Being Fit is where the challenge comes in! You look in the full length mirror and say tumblr_mod6lr9mE11sumr5go1_500“What if?” You ask yourself that forever looming question, “Do you have what it takes to be, or move to that kind of level, that next level?”


We ask ourselves this all the time. When we see others doing the very things we ‘wish’ we could do for ourselves. The ‘Challenge’ comes in and says “You can do it yourself!  Can you do it?” then slaps you with “Will you do it?”  Being Fit, is all about “The Challenge” one has within the Self to transform some area of your body, and ultimately areas of your Life.

fitness-motivational-posters-2Everything is connected. You change your Mental self talk, that changes your Motivation and thus your outlook on Life! That supports the transformation of  Your Physical body, but also your Spiritual body,and so on! It leads to a transformation of Energy. Ultimately, from Fear based self imposed limitations to Love -Inspired living and thriving. (smile)

Each day fitness allows me to see life with a new lens. I use this medium to dig deep within myself, question my Spirit and observe mental patterns that I have allowed to keep me from a better lifestyle, joy, happiness or love. When I allow ‘The Challenge’ to present itself I am only confronting some part of mySelf that has been resistant to change, transformation or balance.  When I make a choice to take ‘The Challenge’ (whatever form that comes in) I am saying to My Self, “I love YOU, YOu are enough, You are more than you think, You Can, You Will, DO IT, NOW!”  When I fail, I pause, I get back up, I go from walking to slow stride, to a sprint with long swift stretches, winning, its me against me, its me embracing me,  my whole body tingles, I am in the midst of transforming my my mind, body and spirit in this one moment. A part of mySelf is restored and healed. I am Transforming! The Challenge is the necessary component to Re+Creating YourSelf!


 Are you ready? Ready, Set, Let’s Go!

Okay, so that’s my spiritual piece on taking up  “The Challenge” and choosing to Be Fit. Now comes the physical ‘work’ . Where do you start? You may already have a Be Fit weekly routine or series of workouts, just as I do. You may want to “Add” something else to your routine. Or you may be considering starting a new fitness program and want to Be Fit. You may simply want to see if you can do an exercises for an extended period of time. You may want a New Challenge! (smile) Choose a 30-Day Challenge, here are a some exercise that target specific muscle groups that will support your fitness goals, some target the Abs, Legs, Arms, from Neila Rey. My son does them and comes out of his room drenched in sweat, panting and feeling accomplished, he’s been encouraging me to take a look and pick up a workout or challenge. I choose both!

Now Let’s Get It, Let’s Get Fit! (@riasweetraw: instagram, twitter, facebook @riasweetraw fitgoddess


Squats Challenge,


Cardio Challenge,

Cardio Challenge,

Core Challenge,

Core Challenge,

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