Happy Friday! Happy Gym Day! Create Your Gains! Seize Your Opportunities, Seize the Day!

Yesss! Ready to get this work! Today is Shoulders and Abs Day! I have 1 hour to get her done so I have to make it count! Yesterday I had a killer 1.5 Leg Day and lifted over 39, 995lbs!  I include Rev Hypers Weighted and Leg-Ham Raises, Basu Ball Squats, Basu Ball weighted Crunches. In addition, to Leg Curls, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Barbell Squats, Standing Calf Raises, Seated Calf Raises.


Today Im using the Foam Roll for Quad, Hams, Erector Spinae (Lower Back)!  Push yourself to meet your goals, and Get it!!!  And dont forget to EAT CLEAN!!! What you put in your mouth dictates your Results so choose wisely! Balance your meals, record them (if necessary), Pay attention and get your Gains.


xo ~ Ria




Cape Diem! xo

Cape Diem! xo





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