James Brown, the Most Sampled Man in Music, Get on Up Movie Opens, Augusta, July 24 at The Augusta Premiere.

Red Carpet & Official After Party, at Regal 20 Cinemas located at: 1144 Agerton Lane, Augusta, GA 30909. The Official “Get on Up” After Party will take place at The Augusta Museum of History on Reynolds Street in Augusta, GA 30901.main

The man who soulfully influenced mega pop star Micheal Jackson who subsequently influences to this day,  generations of musicians, artists and the business of pop culture, was from the town of Augusta, Georgia where “feeling good” was most likely a way and means of coping with the legacy of oppressive conditions of Jim Crow throughout the  Ole South and social injustice in most parts of America.

James Brown turned oppression and lack of opportunity into music magic  and millions. Hail to the Genius of his time! And Thanks for making us not only “Feel Good, and Dance”  but remember our “Black is Beautiful” heritage, pride and inclusion of being American. We Love You Mr. Brown!

Who Used James Brown’s Music? See this Rolling Stone List

just to name a few:

2 Live Crew: “Coolin’ ”

Beastie Boys: “Shadrach”

Big Daddy Kane: “Mortal Combat”

De La Soul: “Oodles of O’s”

Depeche Mode: “My Joy”

Digable Planets: “Where I’m From”

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince: “Pump Up the Bass”

Dr. Dre: “Let Me Ride”

Enigma: “Carly’s Song”

Eric B & Rakim: “Paid in Full”

Fine Young Cannibals: “I’m Not the Man I Used to Be”

GangStarr: “2 Deep”

George Michael: “Waiting for That Day”

Geto Boys: “Mind of a Lunatic”

Heavy D: “We Got Our Own Thang”

Ice Cube: “Endangered Species”

Ice T: “Original Gangster”

Kris Kross: “Jump”

Leaders of the New School: “Teachers, Don’t Teach Us Nonsense”

LL Cool J: “Mama Said Knock You Out”

Marky Mark: “Good Vibrations”

MC Lyte: “Brooklyn”
Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/james-brown-most-sampled-man-in-the-biz-20061226#ixzz38PLtEosa

Get On Up

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