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“No one can go back, but everyone ca go forward. And tomorrow, when the sun rises,all you have to say to yourself is:I am going to think this day as the first day of my life.”

Paulo Coelho










I just wanted to share something with you that moved me this morning. Our Words and Thoughts are sooo powerful! Just the other day I told a close friend that I am in need of some changes in my life, “yes, im aware the sky is falling, im not blind” I reminded but i cant dwell in that with you, the truth was I was choosing at that very moment to go all the way in where i was in my life,  at that very moment, i stood my ground and declared who i was, what i wanted and how i would traverse in the process of becoming. I didnt ask permission, but i expected comradery. I declared jokingly and with vigor “i love the rain and will run in it if i have to” and later that day the  sequence of events created the fulfillment of my very words, as i found myself running in track shoes and a sleeveless top in the rain smiling and giggling in amazement that my decision was declaration and an act of co creation of my life-story.

We are so much more powerful than we think we are.  Living your life by default is not honoring the essence of who you are, make decisions that empower you, your future, your now existence. Love is an Action and there is no Greater Love than Self Love and the Realization that your alignment is connected to everyone and everything on this planet. 

So decide, Be strong, Choose wisely and Create the Life you Love!

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…that waiting to see what happens is not a very good
way to make decisions.

Not to decide is to decide.  What are you deciding
right now by not deciding?  What are you choosing
by failing to choose?  Is this how you want to live
your life: by default?

It is time for you to made a decision.  Do you need
a bigger signal than this?

~ Neale Donald Walsch



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